questions and answers: rooting with droidmod 1.0

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after posting our droidmod 1.0 experiences last night and including a video of the outcome, we received a ton of questions; many we expected, and a few others we were looking for answers to as well.  so rather than hanging you out to dry, we decided to throw most of the questions from that post into a separate post to act as a q&a session to help you along if you decide to go this route.

if you do not find the answers to certain questions you may have, feel free to ask in the comments or head over to and check out their forums.  they are the experts as this is their work.

*note* – i want to remind you all again that rooting and flashing your droid is incredibly risky and we are not liable if something happens during this process.  we are also not recommending that you do this, but just showing you some of the options you have out there and also how amazing this device truly is.

q:  Do you have step-by-step instructions for using DroidMod 1.0?

a:  You can find them at the forums here.

q:  Think Flash will work on DroidMod or rooted phones in general right off the bat?

a:  That’s a good question. I would say probably not as it’ll be built for 2.1, but the developers that work on all these will likely make a fix right away.

q:  Is this still as easy to unroot at sholes? I’m getting tired of waiting for the 2.1 update, and this is looking more and more tempting.

a:  It is as easy. I think the recovery image might be the same exact one.

q:  Does it work on milestone?

a:  As far as I know, it does not. If you have 2.0.1 it might but I suggest going to the website and asking around.

q:  I have never rooted my droid. What is the possibility of someone bricking their phone doing this.

a:  Pretty unlikely as the process is almost completely automated, but the risk is still there.  Remember that this will also void your warranty.

q:  Is that you in the video or someone else?

a:  That is definitely me and my lovely little phone.

q:  How long does this take?  It seems like the process is frozen.

a:  Be patient, it could take up to 20 minutes to complete although will likely take less than 10.

q:  The Live Wallpapers show up, but will not respond to touch?

a:  You need to install the 2.1 Launcher in order for these to respond to touch.

q:  Are there other Live Wallpapers than the stock ones?

a:  Yes.  Many are available in the market and work without the buggy 2.1 Launcher.

q:  Who created the Live Wallpapers?

a:  Xeudoxus who also created the 2.1 Sense UI Launcher.

q:  Are you noticing any lag or bugs with 2.1 launcher?

a:  Yes.  This is the same version of the Launcher as used before with the same bugs.  Overclocking does help with the lag, but it will still lock up from time to time.

q:  How do you overclock?

a:  There is an app in the market called SetCPU.  After installing, and it asks for your device, select “Autodetect” not “Motorola Droid/Milestone.”

q:  So what all do I need to run this mod and then go back to stock?

a:  Download the DroidMod Updater, follow it’s instructions on rooting and flashing.  If you do not like what you get, open up the Updater>ROM Menu>Stock 2.0.1 (no root).

 q:  After unrooting, voice search disappeared.  How do I get it back?

a:  Try these steps:

1) Going to Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> Menu button -> Filter -> All
2) Find (that may not be the exact name but it will look similar…) and click on it
3) Click “Uninstall”
4) Reboot your phone

q:  Will I receive the 2.1 OTA update if I have DroidMod installed?

a:  To my knowledge, no.  When that update rolls out you will have to unroot your device which DroidMod allows you to do.


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