google earth app arrives in android market

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the long awaited google earth app has finally arrived in the android market.  for those of you not familiar with google earth, just think of it as google maps on steroids and a super fun toy to mess with in your spare time.  practical uses?  not many that i can think of, but would love for someone to enlighten me.

there was talk of this only being available for the nexus one and 2.1 phones, but it showed up for me first try in the market.  (i am currently rooted which may have something to do with it.) and now that it has finished downloading and installing, i can tell you that i am definitely flying around the planet using 2.0.1.

update 2/22 9:23am:  apparently you can only access this app on your moto droid if you are rooted. interesting for sure…that 2.1 update better be coming this week.

features include multi-touch and voice search.  (quick tip:  using 2 fingers, do a twisting motion and you will get the earth to spin.)

how about some pics of the dubai earth islands?  eiffel tower?




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