droidmod 1.0 released includes live wallpapers – *updated*

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if you aren’t up on the developer and rom gossip, then you may have missed all of the drama between the sholes team which eventually led to the take down of the SMUpdater and all sholes roms.  and why do we really care?  well the sholes rom gave even novice users the chance to root their phone and install a custom rom without much of the risk and confusion.  in fact, it made the entire process automatic and even allowed you to get back to stock with a simple one button press.

well after the breakup, a new team was established and nicely titled as droidmod.org.  there first release is out (droidmod 1.0) and allows the same user experience as previous sholes versions sans smoked glass.  with a few simple clicks you can get to a completely rooted droid which includes…wait for it…live wallpapers on 2.0.1.  other goodies include a multi-touch browser and gallery, 2.1 music player, genie news and weather widget, 2.1 clock, voice-to-text, and the opportunity to overclock.

*warning* – if you are willing to take the risk of voiding your warranty and possibly causing permanent damage to your phone you can download droidmod 1.0 here.  (alt download)

update 2/22:  we put together all of the questions from the comments on this post and ran a separate question and answer session here.

check out droidmod 1.0 in action…

update 2/21:  live wallpapers work perfectly with touch using the 2.1 launcher.

video with live wallpapers fully functioning…


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