leaked droid 2.1 ota update not real?

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yesterday, developer pete released what he was calling the leaked android 2.1 ota update for the motorola droid. he was apparently able to install it, but unable to reproduce that action for anyone else. many questioned whether or not it was true and now we’ve got word from motorola that this is indeed not the version will be receiving “soon.”

motorola forums manager matt on the leak:

…why not wait and see what actually comes out before selling? None of these posted videos is the real deal.

I have posted on a couple of threads that the video from Pete is not the real deal — that’s a fact. He’s just stirring the pot. I am reasonably certain that no one has the Motorola update for the Droid outside of the company. (Of course, Boy Genius seems to know everything so I guess you can never be sure…)

pete’s video of 2.1 in action…

really, this just raises questions as to what version and what features we will actually be receiving.  many have speculated that motorola and verizon pushed back their release date after receiving quite the backlash when users realized the droid’s 2.1 would not include the 3d launcher and 5 homescreens.

stay tuned…


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