how to sync facebook contacts on your motorola droid

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this is one of those questions we get quite a bit actually. “hey droid life! how the heck do we sync facebook with our contact list?!? only some of them will show up!” and obviously this is a good question as the facebook sync is pretty much the most wishy-washy thing on the planet. (did facebook forget about android? i’d say so.)

fortunately for us this process is pretty simple.  and here we go…

1. open up facebook and go into your “friends.”
2. find the friend that you want sync’d.
3. tap on their picture and choose the “contacts” icon.
4. tap your options button and select “edit contact.”
5. tap options button again and select “join.”
6. if the correct contact is not suggested, tap “show all contacts.”
7. choose the contact you want and select “done.”
8. bam, that’s it!

as always, let me know if you run into any issues with that.


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