motorola devour has flash – what about droid?

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i can’t believe i missed this yesterday while writing the announcement post for the motorola devour.  i was on the motorola site pulling correct specs since the specs floating around the rest of the blogs were all wrong.  no idea how i overlooked this.  long day i guess…

(click for big boy version)

anyway, as engadget points out today, the motorola devour comes standard with a full html browser including flash lite. 

Motorola’s official spec sheet for the Devour reveals that there’ll be a Flash Lite runtime on board — presumably version 3.1, which offers support for a variety of video codecs and Flash 9 content — and more importantly, it’ll work in the browser.

any other droid users starting to feel really worthless?  that’s like your little brother inheriting grandma’s millions.  that’s like scottie pippen getting recognized as the greatest chicago bull ever.  that’s like…whatever.

(via engadget)


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