second guessing the motorola droid 2.1 update?

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earlier today, we reported on speaking with a verizon rep who confirmed that they were also expecting motorola droid devices to be updated to android 2.1 tomorrow.  well, now that it’s 9:00PM here in portland, and after speaking with a dozen or so reps, i’ve got to say that i’m starting to question the validity of our original source.

i’m sorry to get hopes up or down with this post, but it’s hard to believe that if android 2.1 were really coming to our droid devices tomorrow, that we wouldn’t have heard something by now.  nothing has been leaked, no major sites are reporting on it, and everyone seems to just be waiting in an eerie silence for something to happen.

if you remember, during the 2.0.1 update, there was a slow rollout a few days before the confirmed date that verizon had set.  this week, we’ve been seeing an OTA update appearing on droid’s sporadically and similarly to that original fix.  that 1/22 date was really only meant to fix minor bugs that the december date wasn’t ready for.  and aren’t most users with this OTA update reporting nothing new except being able to download facebook via the market?  seems like a lot of “behind the scenes” bug fixing to me.

so will tomorrow prove to be a complete clunker?  possibly.  either way, i’ll still be keeping hopes up for a magical present in the morning…


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