motorola droid to android 2.1 update post

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this will serve as our running post for updates as we come closer to the 1/22 deadline which we’ve all been led to believe is the update day for our motorola droid devices.  as you have info, news or if you phone is actually seeing changes, leave us a comment with your details and we’ll add them to this post!

let’s do our best to keep everyone up-to-date and informed…

update 9:19PM (1/21):

users reporting slowness in the android market with full 3g coverage.

I just tried to DL an app from the store and it downloaded EXTREMELY slowly with full 3G, sign that they are preping update OTA?

not sure this means anything and i just download an app and had 2 updates on wi-fi and noticed no slowness.

update 9:37PM (1/21): 

random commenter on slashgear reporting complete update to his eris…

Looks like my Eris was already updated…I am not sure if I like this though and all of my customizations were wiped out -_-

this guy would be the only one one the planet and as the ghost adventure crew would say, debunked?

update 9:51PM (1/21):

in a semi-related note, i found this post from earlier today on the droid eris update that was promised as well.

While at the Verizon store yesterday, I was told by two of their technicians that the Eris upgrade to 2.1 will be released on Jan. 20.

well obviously that was a day or two ago and no one with an eris has seen an update.  i’m wondering if they meant 1/22?

update 10:28PM (1/21):

rebooted my phone and check for updates…nothing happened.

many users are also reporting on slowness with apps, internet disconnects, and weird overall behavior with their android devices.

since i’m on the west coast, i’ll likely be up for a while updating away. so stay tuned!

update 10:43PM (1/21):

a moderator (miami) over at claims to have insider info with news on the 2.1 release…

Well the wait is almost over for us Droid users. This is the official 2.1 issues thread. I have received some inside information that we may see an official 2.1 release as early as Monday. I still don’t have all the details on the how, but for now I will assume a staggerd release will happen. As always please try to keep it on topic!

i hope he is correct with the staggered release so that at least a few users will start to see updates within the next few hours.

update 7:04AM (1/22):

just checked my phone and posts around the blogging world…no updates confirmed at this time.

update 9:13AM (1/22):

bad news starting to pile up.  the latest via motorola’s twitter account…

for those of you remaining skeptical and accusing everyone of making up the ota update date of 1/22, let us remind you that the 1/22 date all started back in november on an official verizon release.

there are also rumors sizzling for a monday release with a slow rollout of the update starting this weekend.  it’s still early on 1/22, so everyone just relax!

update 11:07AM:

motorola representative via chat had the following response when asked about the update…

Valeria: Please note that at this moment we cannot confirm when an upgrade will be available. However the phone is ready to receive software upgrades, therefore upgrades are being planned, but we don’t have a release schedule, or confirmation up to which Android version it’s going to upgrade.

update 11:34AM:

response from verizon customer service that i just received…

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless. My name is Jared, and I apologize for the confusion regarding the software update to the 2.1. I have not heard, nor can I find anything, about the upgrade happening today. When the update happens it should be automatically pushed to the device.


update 1:59PM (1/22):

engadget mobile has some interesting quotes from their verizon connections on the update we are waiting impatiently for…

First, Motorola’s official MotoMobile Twitter account hit the world with the knowledge, then we followed up directly with Verizon to confirm, and we’re being told from all sides that the new Droid firmware is a total fabrication.

maybe it’s time for an official statement from these companies?  the interwebs are officially irritated.


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