Google Awakens the Force With Star Wars Themes for Apps, Includes Gmail and Maps

Because there was not already an over saturation of Star Wars crap for you to buy in stores, Google has launched Star Wars themes for your apps, just in case you needed more Force in your life. If you have a Google account, and use it for Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and other Google services, you can experience what the Light or Dark side have to offer their users.

To start, you will need to choose a side – Light or Dark. Once a side is chosen, you will begin to see Star Wars themes throughout many of Google’s applications, whether it is on an Android device or desktop computer. For example, I chose the Dark side, opened my Gmail, and I was greeted with a darkly colored Empire theme. In addition, if you open Google Maps, find your home, you should see a Death Star.  (more…)

YouTube Music Now Available for Android, Try it Free for 14 Days

YouTube Music is now available on Android and iOS (US only), bringing together a one-stop shop for all things music videos. Upon opening the app, you are shown suggestions, and after a single click on whatever you like, a station is created to cater music that you will hopefully enjoy. YouTube Music brings together the entire catalog of tunes found on the service, which is millions.

The app features an Audio-only mode, plus an Offline Mixtape mode that pre-downloads songs you will like for playback even when you are not connected to data. On the Home tab, you will find recommended tracks, plus added suggestions based on your already existing viewing habits. Other tabs include Popular or “Fire,” and a “Like” tab for tracks you have previously liked for easy rediscovery.  (more…)

YouTube on Android Now Does the VR Video Thing, Adds Cardboard Viewer Too

Google announced today that YouTube on Android now does VR video. Not only that, but if you own a Google Cardboard product, you can also view almost all videos through sort of a virtual movie theater like experience.

With VR in YouTube, Google is fully jumping on the current trend for video experiences, where creators try to “give you a sense of depth” and help you feel “like you’re actually there.” In order to experience them, all you need is Google Cardboard and a VR video (like the Hunger Games Experience or TOMS Shoes Giving Trip). Once you have Cardboard loaded up with one of those videos, you should be able to tap on the settings button in the top right corner to find a Cardboard option that will launch you into VR mode.  (more…)

Google Play Games Updated With Record & Share Feature

Calling all mobile gamers who wish to share their gaming experiences with the world, you may now do so. Thanks to an update for Google Play Games, you can now record any gameplay you do on your smartphone, then edit and share that gameplay footage directly to YouTube. Not to confuse this with YouTube Gaming, which allows you to stream gameplay to YouTube, Google Play Games is an offline option for those who wish to do a bit of editing before allowing the world to view it.  (more…)

Early Google Play Music Subscribers Get to Keep $7.99 Price With YouTube Red, Receive Free Month

Wondering what would happen to that $7.99 Google Play Music price you locked into in the early days, now that YouTube Red is about to launch? According to emails being sent to subscribers who have hung onto the $7.99 price, nothing is changing at all. In fact, Google is going to give you a free month of service, just because.  (more…)

Google is Also Launching YouTube Music on October 28, Yet Another YouTube App

As a part of its YouTube red announcement, Google announced a new app to the growing YouTube line-up, YouTube Music. Yes, come October 28, we will not only have YouTube, YouTube Kids, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Red subscriptions, and Google Play Music, we will also have a stand-alone music app for YouTube, called YouTube Music. Keeping up with all of that?  (more…)

YouTube Announces YouTube Red, It’s Ad-Free Service With Special Perks (Updated)

This morning, YouTube announced a new service called YouTube Red. The service has been rumored in the past, but we now officially know what it will offer to users who are willing to pay its $9.99 per month fee. The service kicks of on October 28.

With YouTube Red, subscribers get an ad-free experience, whether they are watching videos or streaming music, there will be offline saving of clips, and background audio play on mobile, so you can continue listening to talks or tracks without having your screen on. Oh, it also includes a Google Play Music subscription at no additional cost. On the flip side, if you are a Google Play Music subscriber, you will also receive a free subscription to YouTube Red. (more…)