Question of the Day: What Tethering App are You Using With Jelly Bean?

Now that most of the Galaxy Nexus owners in the building are all running official Jelly Bean (Android 4.1), the reports of “FoxFi no longer works!” are starting to flood in. We aren’t exactly sure what changed in Jelly Bean to cause some tethering apps to quit working, FoxFi being the most notable, but that’s the card we were dealt. So rather than spending the next 3 days testing each and every tethering app, we thought we would turn directly to the DL community, a group of people that probably tether a heck of a lot more than us home office dwellers, and ask which app they picked up?

We gave you a wireless tethering option that doesn’t require root from SVTP, but it’s also $15. ClockworkMod Tether should work just fine, but it’s a USB tethering service rather than wireless. Barnacle is a free wireless option, but it requires root.

What tethering app are you currently using? Anything in particular standing out as being reasonably priced and stable? Please share your recommendations in the comments.

All in One WiFi Hotspot and USB Tether by SVTP, an Alternative to FoxFi

We received a tip about a WiFi and USB tethering application made by SVTP, which as Android users, we love. For those who tend to have troubles with FoxFi, you may want to give this one a try. There are two versions: free and professional. The difference between the two is quite large actually, seeing as how the paid version is a whopping $15. That price tag may seem a bit outrageous, but for software that just works and allows for free tethering, it’s up to you whether you think that price is worth it.  (more…)

Looking for a WiFi Tether App that Doesn’t Require Root Access? Here You Go


We understand that not everyone is interested in rooting their Android device. While doing so usually introduces you to a whole new world of phone fun, some just do not have the time or simply do not care. One thing is clear though, they still want a wireless tethering solution that doesn’t include calling up Verizon and forking out another $30 a month. That’s where “Wifi Hotspot and USB Tether” comes into play. There are both free and full versions of the app that according to our readers, both work with the Galaxy Nexus. It even has a snazzy little toggle widget to get you up and tethering in seconds. Oh, and the developer offers a 5-day warranty of sorts to get you a refund if you can’t seem to get the app working correctly.

Worth a shot, I’d say.

Market Links:  Free | Full ($9.99)

Cheers Scott and everyone else that sent this in!

Wireless Tether Updated, Now Works With Rooted Galaxy Nexus LTE

The title pretty much tells you all that you need to know with this one. Many of you were looking for a tethering option, and the folks behind the ever-famous Wireless Tether have released their latest experimental version that works flawlessly with a rooted Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. If you still haven’t rooted, you can find the instructions in our Guide to the Galaxy Nexus.

Download:  wifi_tether_v3_1-pre110.apk | More info

Install just like you do any other app that isn’t from the market. Download, tap to install, and install.

Cheers Steve!

Verizon Blocks Updates to Apps That They Don’t Approve of? How About Bionic Tethering Instructions to Ease the Pain?

Back in April, we discovered that Verizon was starting to block apps that they deemed to be unacceptable or that violated contract terms.  Tethering apps were the first and most noticeably removed, but what if the situation is deeper than just blocking?  What we mean by that is, what if you bought (yes, used your hard-earned money) an app that they are now blocking?  Can you no longer receive updates to that app?  What if you change phones and go into the market to load up everything that you had previously purchased? Are those blocked apps no longer available?

It’s an interesting (more like painful) conversation that should probably be made much more public than it is as of right now.  What started this latest round was the screenshot you are seeing above from a Reddit user who went into his market to update EasyTether only to be welcomed with the message in yellow.  He is unable to load the latest update to the app because his carrier (Verizon) will not allow it.  Now, EasyTether is a $9.99 app that he paid for, but that he is no longer allowed to use? Yikes.

There is a work-around though, as if to soften some of the blow.  If you flip your phone into Airplane mode and then turn on wifi, you should be able to update.   (more…)

Wireless Tether Appears to Work on CM7 for the DROIDX

There has been a lot of talk around these parts over the last few weeks that has to do with the wireless tethering situation on Verizon with certain devices like the DROIDX.  We’ve posted work-arounds for whatever block they’ve implemented and complaints have been filed with the FCC, but it looks like all we really needed was a little CyanogenMod 7 to get it going.  According to reader Ryan, he’s had no issues with a tethering block now that he has flashed the new CM7 for DX that we posted yesterday morning.  His proof is above.

To download the latest version (since it has been pulled from the market), head here.

Cheers Ryan!

Tip: DROIDX and 2 Gingerbread Wireless Tether Work-Around (Updated)

It was just last week that we reported on a new blocking method that Verizon had enabled to stop rooted DROIDX users with Gingerbread from using select wireless tether apps.  Today though, thanks to one of our fabulous readers, we have a work-around for the DROIDX (possibly other devices) that appears to get you up and running in just a matter of minutes.  Hopefully this gives you a little bit of time while that FCC complaint over this very same subject is being looked at.     (more…)

Tethering Complaint Filed Against Verizon with FCC by Free Press

Oh baby.  The blocking of tethering apps by Verizon just got very real after a complaint was filed today through the FCC by Free Press which could potentially impact the future of LTE.  This has been one of those hot subjects around Droid Life over the last few weeks, so we couldn’t help but smile a little when we saw a group of this magnitude taking it straight to the top.

As you may recall, we first reported news that tethering apps had either been removed or purposefully blocked from being viewed and downloaded to Verizon devices.  The move wasn’t necessarily a surprise since we know that Verizon likes to force you into purchasing an additional mobile hotspot service on top of your data plan, but the move was bold.  And then just last week we noticed that even if you had managed to load up a third party app from outside the market to tether, that Verizon was blocking you from doing so.

People grew angry at this for a number of reasons – and the complaint filed today by Free Press pretty much touches on them all.   (more…)