HTC Vigor “Guided Tours” Videos Pulled from RUU


With the RUU for the HTC Vigor getting leaked into the wild, the unpacking of and poking around in it has already begun.  One of the things found was the set of videos that Verizon has been including in their “Guided Tours” bloatware app.  You won’t see anything incredibly juicy (it’s a bunch of set-up clips), but there is the  video up top which shows the battery cover coming off to allow for a SIM card to be inserted for that 4G LTE goodness.

There is also the video that we attached below which shows a quick walk-through of the new Sense transitions and the Verizon bloatware section in the app drawer.  Again, nothing crazy, but at least another confirmation on the look of the device, the fact that it has 4G LTE, and also how disappointing it would be to not see this device come out as the Incredible HD.   (more…)

RUUs for Both the HTC Vigor and Bliss on Verizon Leak

Last week, the media file (wallpapers, ringtones, etc.) was pulled from an HTC Vigor RUU and given to the Android community to enjoy.  This weekend thanks to JoelZ9614 and Football, the full RUU for it (Rezound?) and the HTC Rhyme (Bliss) leaked which means Sense 3.5 ROMs from these devices will be here in no time.  Both files are well over 400MB, so if you want them, prepare to wait a while as the download links below are surely getting hammered at this very moment.

Download:  Bliss | Vigor

If you aren’t familiar with unpacking RUUs, hang tight, and someone will complete the task before long.

XDA:  Bliss | Vigor

Cheers Smokeey and suprafreak1000!

HTC Vigor Will Be the Rezound at Launch?


Has the HTC Vigor been renamed as the Rezound? Internal Verizon systems are certainly hinting at that being the name. The word “Rezound” first popped up a week or so ago along with the Rhyme in a DLNA filing, but at that time, no one had any idea that it was going to be this device.  The model number of ADR6425 is how we are coming to the conclusion that this is the Vigor.

What does that mean for the Incredible HD name? We’re still hearing that it could be a possibility, although this is starting to look pretty official.

Thoughts on the name?

HTC Vigor Wallpapers Released: Beats Logo and 4G LTE All Over the Boot Animation, 720p Screen Confirmed?


The media file from the HTC Vigor popped up this morning (we’re assuming from an RUU), filled with all sorts of goodies.  First off, the boot animation is just as we said and includes a Beats Audio logo along with 4G LTE.  There isn’t a DROID eye, so those rumors that it will be the Incredible HD are starting to slip quickly away (or are they?).  Also included in this media file were a set of wallpapers (1440×1280 resolution), which at first glance, appear to confirm the 720p HD resolution (720×1280).  Our sources told us a while back that this phone indeed had an HD screen, so it’s nice to see this all but confirmed through this release.

Talk about news that should make everyone’s day.

If you would like to download all of this fun, you can find the links below.   (more…)

HTC Vigor / Thunderbolt 2 Battery Pops Up at Accessory Stores

At first we thought this HTC Vigor battery was just a placeholder from a bunch of shady accessory sites looking to get pageviews.  But if you actually Google the part number (35H00168-02M), all you can find is references to the Thunderbolt 2 / Vigor.  It’s a 1620mAh battery, so it’s larger than the one we saw in the Thunderbolt, which is a good thing.  There has been a lot of chatter surrounding this device and whether or not the battery life on LTE will be improved especially with its dual-core processor.  It looks like HTC is at least going to give it a shot with a slightly bigger battery than they have used in the past.

We have two potential launch dates:  October 13 and October 20.  Pretty tough to tell if either are the actual date, but we are fully expecting to see this beast next month.

Via: Amazon

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New HTC Sense 3.5 Devices Like the Rhyme Will Receive Bonus 3GB of Dropbox Storage

In addition to the free 2GB of storage that users receive when signing up for popular cloud storage service Dropbox, owners of new HTC Sense 3.5 devices – like the Rhyme – will get an additional 3GB for free. There are a variety of cloud services tied to other operating systems and phones, so this newly formed partnership between Dropbox and HTC simply makes sense.  While it’s not the 25GB that Windows Phone 7 users get with Skydrive, it’s at least a step in the right direction.  Our lives are revolving more and more around cloud storage these days; it’s about time an Android phone manufacturer did something on this front.

And not that we have confirmation on this, but it’s pretty unlikely that older phones like the Thunderbolt or Incredible 2 will receive this added bonus or Sense 3.5.  HTC definitely hasn’t show that it is the type of company to work backwards with its Sense skin.  The funny thing is, Sense 3.5 is clearly able to run on lower-end phones (single-core processor, 768MB of RAM, etc), but will likely only see it on new phones going forward.

Via:  Pocket Lint

This Week In The Life Of DROID: 9/16/2011

Full of HTC Vigor and Nexus Prime (aka Galaxy Nexus aka DROID Prime, aka Samsung Prime), this week has been dishing out some goods on everyone’s favorite up and coming phones. If the DROID Bionic isn’t what people have been looking for in an upgrade, then these phones are sure to excite some of you.

Here’s what you shouldn’t have missed this week:

October is shaping up to be a sweet month for Android lovers. Let’s sit back and watch this all unfold. Have a great weekend everybody!

RadioShack Expecting the HTC Vigor on October 20, Stratosphere on October 6

Last night we got a random tip suggesting that the HTC Vigor was to be rebranded as the DROID Incredible HD and would be out on October 13.  Whether that date and name are legit remains to be seen, but we know now that RadioShack is at least expecting to see the device as the “Vigor” on October 20. Well, via direct fill anyway.  And if that is indeed the case, then I would say that Verizon must be planning a pre-order for it that week?  Something to consider.  Just over a month away, folks.

And as to not shun the Epic 4G Samsung Stratosphere, we should point out that it also made The Shack’s list and is expected to be available via d-fill on October 6.  So much for this being a slow Fall?

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