HTC Vigor / Thunderbolt 2 Battery Pops Up at Accessory Stores

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At first we thought this HTC Vigor battery was just a placeholder from a bunch of shady accessory sites looking to get pageviews.  But if you actually Google the part number (35H00168-02M), all you can find is references to the Thunderbolt 2 / Vigor.  It’s a 1620mAh battery, so it’s larger than the one we saw in the Thunderbolt, which is a good thing.  There has been a lot of chatter surrounding this device and whether or not the battery life on LTE will be improved especially with its dual-core processor.  It looks like HTC is at least going to give it a shot with a slightly bigger battery than they have used in the past.

We have two potential launch dates:  October 13 and October 20.  Pretty tough to tell if either are the actual date, but we are fully expecting to see this beast next month.

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