Real Boxing Hits Google Play, Remains a Tegra Exclusive Title For Now

Real Boxing

At the 2013 CES, NVIDIA took center stage with Project SHIELD, showing off an upcoming Android title called Real Boxing. Well, we still don’t have SHIELD (and you know how I feel about that), but Real Boxing hit Google Play this AM. Real Boxing is the most life-like fighting experience you will find on Android currently, bringing enhanced 3D graphics and lighting. The game is so detailed, you will see every drop of blood as you pummel it out of your opponent.  (more…)

Analyst Claims New Nexus 7 Will Ditch Tegra Chip in Favor of Qualcomm, Arrives in Q2 of This Year

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According to Pacific Crest analyst Michael McConnell, the next version of the Nexus 7 will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro (APQ8064) processor instead of NVIDIA’s next-gen Tegra 4. Because of Qualcomm’s tighter integration with modem technology, McConnell figures that a Snapdragon chip will simplify the supply and essentially lower costs.  (more…)

Live: NVIDIA Press Event [CES 2013]


Well, here we are at CES 2013. The first of our many press events starts tonight at 8:00PM Pacific and is hosted by NVIDIA, here at Rain Nightclub in The Palms.

We really aren’t sure what to expect tonight, but NVIDIA always puts on a good show at CES. Any chance we see the Tegra 4? Maybe another ultra cheap tablet? Some other kind of surprise?

You’ll find a live blog below, but we also have a live video embed of the event so you can watch along with us. Get ready! (more…)

Thursday Poll: What Processor Is In Your Android Device?

Last night on The Droid Life Show, we briefly touched on mobile processors and the marketing that goes behind them. We discussed that when buying an Android smartphone, sometimes are you not only buying into the Android ecosystem, but you are also buying into that mobile chip’s ecosystem as well.

For example, if you have a NVIDIA Tegra-powered device, the list of games you are able to play is much higher than say a Texas Instrument chip, given that some games released are exclusively for Tegra devices. It’s an interesting move by the manufacturers, but that’s the world we live in where everyone wants to differentiate themselves from the pack.

Down below, feel free to let us know which processor powers your lovely Android device of choice.

What processor is in your phone?

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Fuhu’s 5″ nabi Jr. Tegra-Powered Children’s Tablet, Starting at Just $99

Looking to pick your kid up an inexpensive, yet completely power-packed children’s tablet this holiday season? Fuhu, a manufacturer that dedicates their time to creating tech just for kids, has launched the nabi Jr., powered by NVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra processor. The tablet features a 5″ (840 x 400) touchscreen display (quite small), Ice Cream Sandwich, and comes in 4GB and 16GB storage options. Interestingly enough, the 4GB variant comes with a low price of just $99, while the 16GB model is just $129. Why they decided against an 8GB model is beyond us, but we’re sure they had their reasons.  (more…)

Razor Salvation and Sumioni Demon Arts Hit Google Play With Force

Last night, two high profile games hit Google Play that come with NVIDIA’s Tegra stamp of approval. Razor Salvation, is an kill em’ all game, where you’ve been sent back to Earth to save survivors of some sort of attack on humans. You’re placed in a giant pod equipped with machine guns, rocket launchers, and other various weapons and you must kill enemy forces while saving humans. The game costs $2 and if blowing things up is your style, then it’s worth a shot.  (more…)

Beach Buggy Blitz Hits Tegra Zone and Google Play, Packed Full of Karting Madness

The latest game to hit Google Play and the Tegra Zone is Beach Buggy Blitz, a “casual driving adventure game” that sets you and your buggy loose on a mysterious tropical island. From there you get to drive around where you want, collecting coins and trying not to hit all of the distractions scattered around. The coins you collect let you buy other buggies and power-ups to help along your explorations and make the game worth coming back to.  (more…)