T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 Battery Killing Update Arrives Today

Just a quick heads-up, T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 owners, but the big update is coming today. No, not Nougat. This is the update that will stop your phone from being able to charge, rendering it useless.

T-Mobile set today as the target date for this update to begin rolling out a couple of weeks ago, right after Samsung announced that they were ready to take extreme action against those refusing to return their Note 7 device. I think it’s clear that Samsung wants all Note 7 devices recalled, so that they can move on to what’s next.  (more…)

T-Mobile’s ‘What’s Next’ Uncarrier Move Takes Place at CES on January 5

T-Mobile announced this morning that the next big Uncarrier announcement is set to take place in Las Vegas, NV on January 5, smack dab in the middle of CES. While we don’t know yet what exactly this Uncarrier move will be about, the only possible hint T-Mobile has provided are the words “What’s Next” in apostrophes, if that’s even a hint.  (more…)

T-Mobile Offers AT&T Customers a Free Year of DIRECTV NOW When They Switch

T-Mobile is bringing that heat again, offering AT&T customers yet another reason to possibly ditch their carrier.

Announced this morning, when an AT&T customer opens two lines on T-Mobile and ports their number to T-Mobile ONE, the Uncarrier will provide a $35 monthly bill credit for 12 months. The $35 can be used for a subscription to AT&T’s DIRECTV NOW service (which starts at $35 a month), or anything else since T-Mobile is not obligating you to give AT&T any money.  (more…)

T-Mobile’s New DIGITS is the Latest 1-Number to Rule Them All Idea

This morning, T-Mobile took the wraps off its latest technology introduction, DIGITS. The idea here is very much Google Voice meets AT&T’s NumberSync in that you get to use a single phone number (your “DIGITS”) across multiple devices and have additional phone numbers funnel through it.

T-Mobile’s take on this type of technology allows you to access your “DIGITS” number (calls, contacts, texts, and voicemails) on phones, tablets, wearables and computers. You can even have it setup to funnel through an old flip phone. T-Mobile says that they are taking this 1-number to rule them all idea further by letting customers attach multiple T-Mobile numbers on the same device. That means accessing numbers from work, home, and a personal line on a single smartphone.  (more…)