Is RIM to Blame for the Staged Protests Outside of the Apple Store? At this Point, Nobody Cares (Update: Yes, it was RIM)

Okay, so unless one of these companies actually comes out and says, “Yes, it was us,” then we will not write about this event anymore. It’s becoming a conspiracy theorist’s wet dream. Anyways, newly gathered evidence is pointing to RIM as being the culprit behind the staged protests outside of an Australian Apple store last week. After most people were honestly concerned with the marketing(?) attempt, it seems that no company is willing to raise their hands and accept responsibility. Samsung even went as far as to publicly deny involvement, which most people could believe due to the fact that Samsung has no fear of publicly poking fun at Apple.  (more…)

RIM Previews Blackberry 10, Someone Kang the Keyboard Now

Blackberry World is in full swing this morning and to kick it off, RIM teased us with the future of their OS in Blackberry 10. In the video, you can see the oS running on their new developer unit which essentially looks like a Playbook, but as a phone. While it may be a while before we see this on a device any time soon, this teaser video should give Android devs some ideas to consider for their apps. How about that incoming call pop-up? Or better yet, check out the predictive text style of the keyboard. Rather than providing you word suggestions in a bar at the top of the keyboard, you see mini-suggestions over the next letter you may type. To me, that seems brilliant.

Thoughts?  (more…)

New BlackBerry Messenger Picture Leaked, Still on Track to be Released this Year

The longer the BlackBerry Messenger app takes to come out, the more we get the feeling it is losing the hype factor. Back when there was a large influx of people switching from RIM to Android, this could have been highly useful, but now that the first reports of its existence were all the way back in March of 2011, we don’t know if there will be much praise when a release finally happens. Either way, as we can see in the picture above, a much newer build version 0.8.87 compared to the previous is out and about with testers.

According to the source, launch is expected sometime later this year, but there was no hint as to exactly when. Do we have any ex-RIM users that can’t wait for the launch?

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RIM’s New Clueless CEO Says that Android Devices are “All the Same”

Not that any of you should care, but RIM’s co-CEOs stepped down on Sunday leaving the company in that hands of COO Thorsten Heins. What you should care about (or at least get a good laugh out of) is this new CEO – that sat down with the folks at CrackBerry this week – who believes that there is no room for differentiation in the Android platform because the phones we enjoy each day, are “all the same.” Now that is interesting.

We posted up the 3 options that Blackberry owners have to choose from should they go to any of the major carriers here in the U.S. today. Wildly different, right? No? Oh. And remember, that this is coming from the company that lost 75% of their stock value in 2011 alone and hasn’t had a meaningful innovation to the tech realm in years. But damn, I keep digressing!

Maybe Mr. Heins should hang out with Mr. Elop to talk Android fragmentation and differentiation, two things that are destroying the world of Android. Seriously Android, get it together. /sarcasm.

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Samsung: We are Not Interested in Buying RIM

Following this morning’s wild rumor that RIM was hoping for a takeover by Samsung, the Canadian-based company’s stock jumped more than 10 percent. We just have one thing to say following a new report out of Reuters – if you bought stock pre-rumor, you may want to sell immediately as Samsung came out this afternoon to shoot down the story.

“We haven’t considered acquiring the firm and are not interested in (buying RIM),” Samsung spokesman James Chung said.

One thing they did not mention is whether or not they have been in talks to license any of RIM’s products, but we’ll take their spokesman’s word on this one. For now, that is.

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Rumor: RIM Looking to be Acquired, Hopes That It’s by Samsung (Updated)

Update:  Samsung has responded, saying that they are not interested in purchasing RIM.

According to a report out of the BGR camp, RIM is actively seeking potential candidates to purchase the quickly dying, former king of the smartphone market. Co-CEO Jim Balsillie has met with “almost every company that might be interested” in all or part of the pie, asking for anywhere from $12-15 billion for it all. Who is their top choice? Samsung.

Samsung, after a stellar 2011, seems like a decent choice. After all, Sammie has yet to fully tap into the enterprise market as Motorola has attempted over the last year. What better way to strengthen that aspect of your business than by acquiring the best in the industry?

Also, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) has been brought up as a major selling point. While rumors over the last few months have suggested that will see a BBM client on Android, you would hope that an Android manufacturer owning the product would speed up that time frame. I’m just wondering if BBM is really worth spending that kind of cash for. Sure, it’s popular and all, but I personally do not know a single person that has stuck with a Blackberry device just to have BBM. It’s a nice service and all, but that topping your list for reasons to spend $15 billion? Not so much. Building up your mobile enterprise security business, definitely. Patents? Maybe.

Thoughts on a RIM acquisition by Samsung? Is anything that RIM is doing these days even worth buying?

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BlackBerry Messenger Spotted For Android?

How many of you previous BlackBerry owners would love for the BB Messenger app to finally hit Android? Thanks to a tipster over at TechnoBuffalo, maybe we aren’t as far away from one as RIM would have us think. As we can see, there seems to be a beta version of the BlackBerry Messenger app floating around in tester’s hands and hopefully that means it will be in our hands soon too.

Interesting, if real, that RIM would take undoubtedly one of their most popular features and then stick it on a competitor’s device. But hey, no one will complain.

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RIM Engineers Explain Which Android Features Will Not Be Supported On The BlackBerry PlayBook

When we hear there is another OS device coming out and that said device will run Android apps we all have reason for excitement. That was the case for the BlackBerry PlayBook – when word first came out that the PlayBook would be able to run some Android features, people were definitely curious about it.

But sometimes there isn’t a happy ending and RIM engineers have come out and stated which Android features you won’t be seeing on the PlayBook.

Android’s famed battery-sucking Live Wallpaper, SIP and SIP VoIP, anything built using the Native Development Kit, apps containing only App Widgets, and apps containing more than one activity tied to the Launcher.

In addition, any packages which rely on Google Maps, in-app billing services, Android’s text-to-speech engine, or the cloud-to-device messaging system will all be rendered unusable under the company’s runtime system.

Well that hurts. So basically the main features that make Android, “Android” won’t be making its way to the PlayBook. Existing owners for the PlayBook can’t be happy about this, but then again, I don’t think anyone necessarily bought the PlayBook with the intent of using a bunch of Android features on it. I could be wrong though.

New word of lacking Android integration enough to make you forget completely about the PlayBook?

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