Contest: 10 Different Spigen Cases for the Galaxy S3 Up for Grabs [RAW] (Update: Winners Picked)

As we roll deep into day 2 of Reader Appreciation Week, we thought it was time to hand out some cases from one of our favorites, Spigen SGP. We have cases for the Galaxy Nexus and HTC One X to giveaway later, but today, it’s the Galaxy S3 that’s getting the love. There are a variety of case types to be had, ranging from flip covers to leather pouches to minimal plastics to TPUs. We’ve got it all covered here.  (more…)

Contest: Win a HTC One X From NVIDIA and Droid Life [RAW] (Updated: Winner Picked)

Day 2 of the 2nd Annual Droid Life Reader Appreciation Week is here! Yesterday, we handed out a 16GB Nexus 7, but today, it’s all about the phone side of things instead of tablets. How does an unlocked quad-core HTC One X sound? As one of our favorite phones of all time, we couldn’t be more excited to give this away to one lucky DL reader. Its power and beauty are matched by few if any phones even though it has been on the market for 7 or 8 months. If you haven’t read our glowing review of it, I suggest that you do.

Before we begin though, we wanted to give another big shout out to NVIDIA for putting up some amazing prizes this week including the One X. You won’t find a better gaming experience on any phone thanks to its Tegra 3 quad-core processor and big beautiful screen. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Tegra Zone for all of your gaming needs.

OK, lets give this bad boy away!  (more…)

Second Look: XGEAR Fantom Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy Nexus [Contest Too] [RAW]

Today, we’re taking a second look at XGEAR’s tempered glass screen protector for the Galaxy Nexus, called the Fantom. We first took a look at these back in July when XGEAR was getting close to being on final samples and definitely noticed a couple of issues which they have told us have since been addressed. So as part of Reader Appreciation Week, we wanted to talk about our new impressions and then hand a couple of these $30 tempered glass protectors out to the best Android community on the planet.  (more…)

Giveaway: Win One of Two Limited Edition Droid Life Hoodies [RAW] (Updated: Winners Picked)

Let’s keep Reader Appreciation Week (RAW) rolling with two of these limited edition Droid Life hoodies. If you recall, this hoodie was released during Ice Cream Sandwich’s peak and is one of the “cuter” designs we have had. Feel like sporting one on your next outing outside and showing some DL love? Here’s how to win one.  (more…)

Contest: Win a Nexus 7 16GB From NVIDIA and Droid Life [RAW] (Updated: Winner Picked)

And here we go! To kick off the 2nd Annual Droid Life Reader Appreciation Week, we thought that there would be no better way to do it than by handing out a Google Nexus 7 tablet with 16GB of storage. Thanks to our friends at NVIDIA, this is the $250 version of the tablet that we highly recommend over the 8GB, since you’ll need the extra storage space while you dominate HD Tegra Zone games with the Tegra 3 4-PLUS-1 processor inside.

We reviewed the Nexus 7 back in July and still consider it the best Android tablet on the market. Its combination of size, power, specs, and price make it almost unbeatable for any Android enthusiast or casual tablet user.  (more…)

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Droid Life Reader Appreciation Week!

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Droid Life Reader Appreciation Week!

As many of you may remember from last year’s inaugural event, this is the one time of year that we like to simply say “Thanks!” to the DL community for being the best on the internet. Others will claim to be the biggest or most comprehensive, but no one comes close to the millions of passionate, intelligent, and friendly crew of Android enthusiasts that hang out here on a daily and monthly basis. You are all truly the greatest, and make doing this job a joy each and every day.

So yeah, this is Reader Appreciation Week, a 5-day bonanza of Android-related giveaways. Last year, we handed out 3 tablets, a bunch of apps, some DL swag, Android collectibles, and a case here and there. It was a blast. But you know what? This is year 2, so we turned it up another notch. In fact, we turned it up a couple of notches. The Droid Life community has a chance to walk away with 5 different Tegra 3 powered devices (4 tablets and 1 phone) from NVIDIA, more cases from Spigen and Seidio than you can count, XGEAR tempered glass protectors, exclusive DL hoodies and t-shirts, and so much more. The photo above doesn’t even include it all and is more a less a sampling of the stuff sitting around my office. It’s going to be wild! (more…)

And the Winner of the Motorola XOOM WiFi is…

Before we get into announcing the winner of the Motorola XOOM WiFi, I just wanted to say “Thanks!” one more time to all of the fabulous readers of this little blog of ours.  We have now been up and running for about a year and a half and have experienced one of the greatest periods in mobile communications history together.  Android essentially took over the world and we all helped make it happen as one giant group of enthusiasts.  This place has become the most active and entertaining Android community around and wouldn’t have stood a chance in this competitive genre if it weren’t for all of the tutorials, tips, apps, jokes and stories from readers that have filled its comment sections since day 1.  No one does it like the Droid Life community – you guys are awesome.

So we hope you all enjoyed our first annual (yep, doing it yearly) Reader Appreciation Week!  We handed out all sorts of amazing prizes, including 3 Honeycomb tablets.  While it has been quite the task to keep up with the 7,000+ entries on each post, we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  It has been an absolute blast.  To cap it all off, let’s get down to the final tablet winner.

Who takes home the Motorola XOOM WiFi?  Chosen randomly is… (more…)