Retro Boulder Dash Is Back From The Dead – Now Available For Android For $0.99


Calling all classic video game lovers, OpenFeint have just re-released Boulder Dash -the classic 1984 game made for 8-bit Atari computers.  Here we are almost twenty years later and it’s back for some more 8-bit action.  Game’s objective?  Explore cave systems hunting for diamonds.  Was this the 1980’s Minecraft? Possibly.  OpenFeint has brought all the original music, sounds, and graphics ‘back to the future’ for everyone to enjoy.  The game is sold as a collection, so you are getting 5 games for just 1 dollar.  As an added bonus, the next 5,000 copies sold in the Android Market will only cost you a buck, instead of the intended $3.99.  Go have some old school fun!  (more…)

OpenFeint Adds 230 New Games To Android In Two Months, Introduces Social Network To Users

OpenFeint is basically a pimp of Android games. Not only are they helping pump out great games, they are beginning the roll-out of their social network which stretches over all of their 700+ titles. Android users can feel free to be snobby a bit, since iOS won’t have this feature till Fall. Feel special?

Feint has released 230 games to the Android Market in the past two months. After searching OpenFeint on the Market, I was literally scrolling down for 10 minutes looking through game after game. I don’t think we’ll need submissions for a game review for at least two months.

Whether you use OpenFeint’s features or not, you surely have one of their games on your device. Fruit Ninja, The Moron Test, Guerrilla Bob, and Jet Car Stunts? Come on, these games are classics. Has anyone started to use their new social network? If you have, find us on there and challenge us.  (more…)

OpenFeint Launches GameFeed, More Cross-Platform Competition To Come

OpenFeint thinks they have an idea that will change the way we play mobile games, again. They announced the release of GameFeed, which is a cross-platform “news feed” of what your fellow OpenFeint users are achieving in their games, full with leader board, and challenges all in real-time. There are now 90 Million Registered OpenFeint users with over 5,800 games, so I can imagine some real intense game play is about to be had. We have the full press release and pictures after the jump.   (more…)

OpenFeint and The9 Want More iOS Games on Android, Offer up $100 Million Development Fund

Our friends over at OpenFeint have some great news for the Android gamers in the building.  They just announced a new partnership with The9, a Chinese game developer, to help bring more hot titles from iOS over to Android by funding the porting process.  Backed by a $100 million developer fund, these two companies together plan to pick out games that they feel could succeed on Android and will then facilitate the move over.

If you are a developer and are interested in having your game backed by one of mobile gaming’s best, then hit them up at [email protected] for more info.

Full details after the break.   (more…)

Become Friends with Droid Life on OpenFeint and Battle it Out for Prizes!

One of the great things about OpenFeint and their abundance of games, is the social aspect provided by their Feint platform.  Almost all of their games allow for some type of score uploading or achievement unlocking, but for me, that only becomes important when you have friends to battle it out with.  As I’ve been playing Jet Car Stunts like crazy over the last few days, I’ve also been checking on my friends’ scores to see how badly I’m destroying them (hah!).  , “We should build a community of friends and use it to run gaming contests in the future!”  And that’s exactly what we’ll do!

All you have to do is friend us through your Feint profile, we’ll accept and then it’ll be time to start handing out some prizes.  As popular games are added to the market or if we just feel like popping up an old classic one day, we’ll start spurt-of-the-moment contests that could last anywhere from an hour to a full day and at the end, we’ll hand out fabulous prizes.  Sound fun?

Our Feint name:  kellex

And feel free to drop your Feint name in the comments so you can build up a solid friends list to see where you stack up in your gaming ventures.

Also look for some new Feint features to be built into the app in the near future that will add to this fun community we are trying to build.

Jet Car Stunts Finally Lands on Android Market

Back in September we took a trip to San Francisco to hang out with the OpenFeint team to see some of the plans they had for Android, but most importantly, what new games they were looking to release.  One of the most impressive was a little game called Jet Car Stunts.  It’s a time trial racing game, but you aren’t necessarily battling other people so much as you are battling the difficult race tracks.  You have jet fuel to help you clear large gaps, the turning is super touchy, there are jumping tricks that only the best will find, and of course you’ll love the ability to post up a new high score into Feint to let your friends know how badly you’ve just crushed them.

It seriously has been one of the games at the top of our list for months now.  $1.99 in the market.

Download Link

OpenFeint Unleashes New Wave of Games Including Mega Jump, Finger Physics and FaceFighter Gold

OpenFeint just dropped a whole bunch of awesomeness on you in time for a long X-mas weekend with crazy in-laws and bad sweaters.  After today’s batch of 11 games hits the market, the total from them will have reached 158 which is pretty remarkable.  Of the 11 you’ll see today, we have some big time players like Mega Jump, Finger Phyiscs and FaceFighter Gold which were all hits over on the enemy side and have now made their way to the soon-to-be winning side.

Full list after the break, plus an X-mas giveway from OpenFeint.   (more…)

Mega Jump Headed to Android this Month

One of the next big gaming hits headed to Android is a little game called Mega Jump that has apparently been downloaded over 7.5 million times by users across the globe.  While I’ll admit that I’ve never heard of or played the  game before, after seeing the video below, I can see why it would be so popular.  Get Set Games, the maker behind this madness, has announced that it will be out some time this month and we’re guessing that it’ll be pushed by OpenFeint, which means it’ll be even more amazing.   (more…)