Niantic Labs, Makers of Ingress, Provides First Look at Pokémon GO

We are still a ways from launch, but Niantic Labs, best known for Ingress, gave us our first early look at Pokémon GO this morning. Played the same way Ingress is, which has you walking all over town, Pokémon GO allows players to explore the world around them in search for new Pokémon.

To discover your Pokémon, you may need to visit their natural habitats. For example, to collect a water type, you may need to visit your local lake, river, or pond. As you walk around, previously acquired Pokémon eggs will hatch, leading to the potential of new Pokémon in your arsenal. In addition, dedicated PokéStops are where you can acquire Poké Balls and eggs. But, what would a Pokémon game be without battles?  (more…)

Pokémon GO, Developed by Niantic Labs and Nintendo, Set to Launch in 2016

Announced this morning, possibly the largest mobile gaming announcement in Android and iOS history, Niantic Labs (now independent from Google) is teaming up with the Pokémon Company and Nintendo to create Pokémon GO. Think Ingress, but instead of capturing portals and being super nerdy, you are going outside and catching Pokémon, then battling them against fellow players.   (more…)

Google’s Niantic Labs to Follow Up Ingress With Endgame, a Cross-Media Interactive Title

Not too long ago, Ingress, which is the brainchild of Niantic Labs, an independent game studio inside of Google, was taken out of beta after what seemed like forever. Now that players are running around opening and closing portals all over the place, it’s time we start talking about Niantic Lab’s next step.

Detailed today by CNET, the studio is already well underway with Endgame, a cross-media completely-interactive game which will utilize YouTube videos, e-books novellas, social media, and image search results to get players involved. It actually sounds confusing right off of the bat, which is why I didn’t get too involved with Ingress. Anyways, here is what we know so far.  (more…)

Niantic Project’s Ingress No Longer a Closed Beta, Playable for All


Ever since its release, Ingress has been in a closed beta stage that allowed only people with invites to partake in the game. As of now, the developers have lifted that restriction, and anyone can start playing the game which is downloadable right from Google Play. It still has a healthy community of players, who continue to find and destroy other-worldly portals across the globe.  (more…)