Google’s Niantic Labs to Follow Up Ingress With Endgame, a Cross-Media Interactive Title

Not too long ago, Ingress, which is the brainchild of Niantic Labs, an independent game studio inside of Google, was taken out of beta after what seemed like forever. Now that players are running around opening and closing portals all over the place, it’s time we start talking about Niantic Lab’s next step.

Detailed today by CNET, the studio is already well underway with Endgame, a cross-media completely-interactive game which will utilize YouTube videos, e-books novellas, social media, and image search results to get players involved. It actually sounds confusing right off of the bat, which is why I didn’t get too involved with Ingress. Anyways, here is what we know so far.  (more…)

Niantic Project’s Ingress No Longer a Closed Beta, Playable for All


Ever since its release, Ingress has been in a closed beta stage that allowed only people with invites to partake in the game. As of now, the developers have lifted that restriction, and anyone can start playing the game which is downloadable right from Google Play. It still has a healthy community of players, who continue to find and destroy other-worldly portals across the globe.  (more…)

Ingress Receives Update to 1.26, Brings Added Notifications and Portal Info


This afternoon, Google and the team at Niantic Labs pushed out a major update for their hit game, Ingress. Inside the update, version number 1.26, information on portal health and faction controls are placed in the inventory carousel, as well the much-needed addition of notifications for portal attacks, neutralization and @codename messages.  (more…)

Google’s Niantic Labs Launches Ingress, An Open World Sci-Fi Thriller Game

This morning, Ingress, the newest application from Google and Niantic Labs, went live in Google Play. The game is being met with very high praises and they do seem to be justified. It is an open-world game, revolving around certain areas that produce a mysterious energy that could threaten humanity as we know it. There are two sides to join – the Resistance and the Enlightened. The resistance struggle to defend against the mind-controlling energy to protect humanity and the Enlightened who seek to embrace it.  (more…)

Google’s Niantic Labs Releases Field Trip, Go Explore the World Around You

Google-owned Niantic Labs has released an application called Field Trip that should be able to help you find new spots and places of interest near by. We as humans tend to get stuck in habits, but Field Trip seems like a nice way to break that repetition and find something new and exciting. The application runs in the background of your device, and when you’re walking around and doing your thing, the phone alerts you that there’s something close by that you should check out.  (more…)