Nest Recalls 440,000 Smoke Detectors Due to Potential Hazard With Nest Wave Feature

Last month, Nest abruptly halted sales of its smart smoke detector, stating that while conducting internal testing, they found a bug which could lead to potential hazards. Nest Wave, the feature that allows users to turn off their Nest Protect units in the case of a false alarm, after being used in a “unique combination of circumstances,” could become deactivated, leaving home owners at serious risk in the event of a real fire.  (more…)

Contest: Two Nest Thermostats Up for Grabs From Droid Life!

Since Google is now selling its Nest Thermostat on Google Play, and we know that the $249 price for something like a home thermostat is turning more than a few of you off, we wanted to give a couple away. We have been Nest users for over a year now (our review) and still think it’s one of the best Android accessories you will ever purchase. To say that we wish everyone could experience a Nest, is an understatement.

But again, the $249 price tag is no joke, so to help ease the wallet strain on a couple of you, we have two to give away to the DL community.

The contest, like others, uses Rafflecopter to give you multiple chances for entry, while also making it easy to manage on our end. You don’t have to do all of the steps below, but the more you do, the more entries you will receive.

Ready to turn your home into a smart home?  (more…)

Nest is Now Available on Google Play for $249

Not that you should be shocked by this, since we broke news on it yesterday, but Google is now selling Nest Thermostats through Google Play for $249.

For those new to the Nest, you are looking at a thermostat that couples beautiful design with the ability to learn from your life to help save you money and make temperature control something less painful than it ever has been before. It can be controlled via mobile and web apps remotely, learns from your daily schedule, will set itself to auto-away if it doesn’t sense your presence, sends you monthly energy consumption reports, and can be easily installed by you. It’s an awesome product, even at its $249 price.  (more…)

Google Preparing to Sell the Nest on Google Play? (Updated)

Once Google had acknowledged that it was acquiring Nest, the smart-home accessory manufacturer, we sort of wondered if they would ever use Google Play to help sell devices. While no announcement or movement has happened thus far, we noticed today that on Google Play’s support pages for available devices, they list Nest as being available on Google Play in the US, UK, and Canada. That is interesting for the simple fact that the device isn’t actually available on Google Play in any of those countries.

So we are now curious – is Google about to make the Nest available for purchase directly through Google Play? Tough to tell, but why else would they list the device as available in those select countries on a Google Play devices support page.  (more…)

Nest Abruptly Halts Sales of Nest Protect Units, Cites Potential Safety Risk

Nest, the company with the smart smoke detector and thermostat which was recently acquired by Google, has halted sales of its Nest Protect smoke + carbon monoxide detectors, due to findings of a possible safety risk. With Nest Protect comes a feature called Nest Wave, which enables you to turn off your alarm with a wave of the hand.

After laboratory findings, it appears that in “a unique combination of circumstances,” Nest Wave can be unintentionally deactivated. If deactivated, this could delay an alarm going off if in fact there was a real fire, which means lives are potentially at risk if not fixed.  (more…)

Google’s $3.2 Billion Purchase of Nest Cleared by FTC

Back in January, it was announced that Google would be acquiring Nest, the smart thermostat and smoke detector company whose popularity has been growing gradually since its humble beginnings as a Kickstarter project, for a whopping $3.2 billion. With high profile acquisitions, especially one that concerns the data privacy of users, the deal had to go through FTC approval.

According to a new report from Computer World, the deal has been approved early by the FTC and Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice, with Google hoping the deal is completely closed within a couple of months.  (more…)

Google Will Utilize Nest as Its Hardware Group After Motorola’s Departure

According to a report from TechCrunch, Google has serious plans for the Nest team which was recently acquired by the Mountain View-based company for $3.2 billion. Now that the deal to sell Motorola to Lenovo for about $2.9 billion is official, Google will provide the Nest team with all of the resources (cash) they need to create new gadgets.

These future gadgets could possibly include smartphones and tablets, but according to the source, it is certainly more than just smart thermostats and smoke detectors.  (more…)