Nest Intros Family Accounts, Home/Away Assist for Better Automation (Android Wear Support, Too)

Nest is introducing two new features for owners this week – Family accounts and Home/Away Assist. For those who live in a household with others, and not just themselves, it makes sense that you would want others in your home to have the ability to control Nest. With that said, Nest now allows 10 individuals to control Nest via the Nest app for iOS and Android. All you have to worry about now is a fight over the thermostat.  (more…)

DEAL: Nest’s Thermostat (3rd Gen), Which is Almost Never Discounted, is Discounted $50 Today

Nest’s newest Thermostat, the 3rd gen model with bigger display, is discounted for the day by $50 over at eBay to $199.99. That’s a big deal and worth considering because Nest products are almost never discounted. I think we saw a deal around Black Friday, but other than that, this is just not a line of products that ever sees many price drops.  (more…)

At Last, Amazon Echo and Nest Thermostat Work Together

Owners of a Nest learning thermostat and Amazon Echo can now pair the two, finally bringing the two smart objects together at last. Assuming you own both, to enable the Nest functionality on Echo, simply open up the Alexa app on your smartphone and switch on the Nest skill. Once completed, you can provide Alexa with verbal commands on how hot or cold you would like your home to be.  (more…)

Nest Announces 3rd Gen Thermostat With Bigger Display

Remember the Nest Thermostat we showed you last week, with the bigger display, that we called the 3rd gen model? Nest made it official today. Yep, the new Nest 3rd gen Learning Thermostat is real and available today from Nest.

The new device not only has a bigger, sharper display, but it’s also “thinner, sleeker, and more beautiful than ever.” Nest says that the new Thermostat knows when you walk into a room from a distance and will light up to show you the temperature or time or a big clock face. This new feature is called Farsight.  (more…)

This is Probably What the New Nest (3rd Gen) Looks Like

Well, that picture above is of the mostly unmarked, yet subtly branded box that is being sent to testers of the new device, I’ve been told. In fact, I wouldn’t be shocked if the retail packaging from Nest is slightly different for the new Nest Thermostat, with much more imagery. Below, you will find what is more than likely an image of the brand new Nest Learning Thermostat (3rd gen)(more…)

Nest 5.0 App for Android is Now Available, Will Replace Your Old Nest App

During today’s Nest event, Tony and the boys announced that a new Nest 5.0 app would arrive on both Android and iOS. If you are at all a Nest fiend like me, then you have been checking constantly since the event wrapped for an update to the app. As it turns out, all of that checking for an update was a waste of time, because you actually have to install a brand new Nest app. Let me say that again – the old Nest app can be uninstalled and you will need to install the new Nest app. I know, this isn’t typically how big updates go, but that’s what we’re working with here.

The new Nest app is now just called “Nest” instead of “Nest app” like the original. The new icon for it also has a bit more gradient and shadow, for those paying attention.  (more…)

Nest Introduces New Protect and Cam, Updates Software for Thermostat and Apps

Nest just exited the stage at their scheduled press event for today, announcing all sorts of new stuff that Nest fans will most certainly enjoy. They refreshed their entire product line, in case you were wondering. That means they showed off the all new Nest Cam, a 2nd generation Nest Protect, new software for the Thermostat, and a brand new app for Android and iOS.

I’ll try and recap the big stuff, but I highly recommend you dive into the press release below, because there is more stuff in there than I can even talk about without spending my entire day on Nest.  (more…)