Google Working to Take Google Home Offline, Meaning Functionality Even Without Internet

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As it stands, Google Home functionality like turning on a lightbulb, requires an internet connection. This is ultimately due to the command being routed to Google’s servers and then beamed back to your home. But what if we could skip the middleman? This is something Google is currently exploring, as detailed by the team itself.

In a recent AMA on reddit, the Google Home team explains that offline support is being thought about. Thanks to Matter, an open standard for smart home technology that’s increasingly being adopted by device makers, offline possibilities may not be far off.

We’re focusing first on routing more of your interactions locally (thanks to Matter!) to get the reliability and latency benefits. Once we can have a significant portion of your traffic running locally, we think there are some powerful opportunities to enable you to do things completely offline that our teams continue to explore.

While it’s good to hear that these things are being worked on, Google didn’t provide any sort of timeline of availability.

What else might we like to see from the Google Home team?

// Android Authority | reddit



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