Swiftkey Introduces Swiftkey Flow, a Gliding and Predicting Typing Experience

Swiftkey, one of the most popular Android keyboards, announced a new keyboard experience today, called Flow. As the name implies, Flow allows you to glide between keys so that you can type words without lifting up a finger. Before you jump in with the “This is like Swype!” comments, I recommend that you watch the video. Swiftkey’s version of swiping between keys comes off as being much more predictive than other options. During the video, Flow shows that it can predict words after you have swiped only a couple of letters. According to Swiftkey, it also stays top notch at normal typing for those rapid tappers out there.

There is going to be a beta release of Flow soon, so be sure to stop by Swiftkey’s site to sign up(more…)

How to: Setting Up a Third Party Keyboard on Android [Beginners' Guide]

One of the features that we tend to overlook is the ability to install custom 3rd party keyboards on our Android phones. They allow for different methods of inputting text such as swiping, pecking, speed pecking, or simply speaking into our device. The means of installing the keyboards are somewhat questionable at times so allow us to quickly walk you through it.  (more…)

A.I. Type Keyboard Celebrates 1 Million Installs With 60% Deal and New Version

Does everyone remember A.I. Type keyboard? The keyboard that functions a lot like Swiftkey, with its predicting, learning, and correcting, is now 60% off ($1.99) thanks to its install total eclipsing the 1 million mark. There was once a time when A.I Type was all the rage, especially because of its theme capabilities, but that damn Swiftkey is just too good to not use on a daily basis.  (more…)

Swiftkey 3 Graduates Beta and Into the Play Store – Free For X Owners, On Sale For Newbies

Swiftkey announced late last night that their Beta 3 was moving on up in the world and into official status in various app stores. Many of you have been helping them test the beta, but for those who stuck to releases in places like the Play store and Amazon Appstore, you can now join the party. If you had already purchased Swiftkey X, the upgrade to version 3 is free. If you have yet to fork out cash for any of the Swiftkeys, you can pick up them up for a limited time at half price, or $1.99.

Links:  Phone | Tablet

Cheers everyone!

Swype Announces New Version, a 4-in-1 Keyboard Filled With Magic

Swype, who seemed to have been losing its edge in the keyboard game to Swiftkey around these parts, announced a major overhaul today that as you may expect, brings it inline with some of its strongest competitors. In this latest version, Swype predicts better and also learns from your emails, texts, and posts. It even includes a new 4-in-1 keyboard of sorts, meaning you can Swype words, rapidly type them key-for-key thanks to predictive text, speak using their Dragon button, or go as far as writing actual letters out with your fingertip.

It should be available at beta.swype.com for those itching to test it out, however, their site is completely overloaded. We’ll update this post as soon as it comes back.

Update:  The site appears to be back up, go download it!

Update 2:  Added video of the new Swype in action below.


Tactus Touch Screens Want to Give Your Screen an On-demand Physical Keyboard

Tactus Technology understands that the physical keyboard is essentially dead because people want to have more screen real estate for gaming and other highly interactive apps. But what if they could produce an on-demand physical keyboard that popped up through your touch screen? Think about the difference this could make in gaming controls or texting for those that miss their old physical keyboard. Seem impossible? In the video below, Tactus shows off their vision and expects to have the technology for it ready to ship by the middle of 2013. (more…)

New Swiftkey Beta 3 Released with “Refined” Chrome Beta Experience, Improved Predictions and Gestures [Download]

Swiftkey Beta 3 received an update today for the world to test. Included in this latest build that was just posted to Twitter, users will notice improved predictions, better punctuation behavior, a refined Google Chrome experience (whatever that means), and more. At this point in the game, I’m finding it to be more and more difficult to even consider switching to another keyboard. Is anyone not using Swiftkey?  (more…)

LogiType Tablet Keyboard, A Funky But Awesome Mobile Board

We have had the pleasure of experiencing some pretty funky keyboards. Whether they use interesting features to help you type better or just look down right ridiculous, you can always bet that there will be that one diamond in the rough. LogiType may be that gem. At first glance, I was a little worried. With the bubble keys and how it seems that they’re strewn across the display with no sense of order, it is not a minimalist’s best friend. But, this thing actually works and works quite well.  (more…)