SwiftKey Updated to Version 4.2.1, Just a Bug Crusher Build

swiftkey galaxy s3

SwiftKey was updated to version 4.2 not too long ago, bringing a ton of new features for third party keyboard lovers. As you would imagine with a major update release, there were plenty of bugs inside, but thanks to SwiftKey’s awesome community of users, the development team was able to track most of them down and squash them in the newest 4.2.1 release. The update is now available as a free update through Google Play, or you can still go check out the keyboard for $3.99.  (more…)

Google Keyboard Updated, Brings Long-Press Numbers for Tablet Users and More

google keyboard

Today, Google is sending out an update to the official Google Keyboard application, full of a few new bugfixes and added little features for tablet users. Listed in the changelog is “tuned keyboard layouts” when using some languages, as well as long-press numbers along the top row of tablet layouts.

Nothing major, but it’s an update, which we know you all love. Also, you might see that inside of Google Play there are no buttons to “update” or “uninstall” currently. We don’t know why that is, but Google must be messing around with something inside of the app.  (more…)

Minuum Keyboard Receives Update to V1.1 – Includes Full Keyboard, Voice Typing, and More

minuum keyboard

Minuum, the keyboard in a single dimension, received its first major update this morning since its first beta build arrived to backers of its Indiegogo campaign. We were admittedly not all that excited about this radical change in keyboard thinking, but updates that add missing functionality are always a step towards change for the better. This update appears to do just that.  (more…)

Two Days With Minuum Keyboard: A Hands-on and Some Thoughts

minuum keyboard

Minuum keyboard, a darling of the up-and-coming Indiegogo community, finally launched as a beta to backers earlier this week. We were lucky enough to be one of the first few to gain access to it and have since spent two days on and off with this unique typing experience. It’s still only available to backers, so the beta is closed. And since you can’t all access it, we thought we’d at least share some thoughts, show the keyboard in action, and then let you decide what to make of it all.  (more…)

Minuum Keyboard Finally Arrives in Beta Tomorrow for Backers

minuum keyboard

Remember Minuum, the keyboard for “delightfully fast sloppy typing” that took off as an Indiegogo campaign back in March? It will finally be available tomorrow as a beta for backers of the project. The Minuum team sent out an email confirmation moments ago, detailing the beta test taking place through Google Play, which we would also assumes means through a Google+ group or community.  (more…)

Relive the Glory Days and Turn Your Galaxy S4 Into the Ultimate Slider With This Bluetooth Slideout Keyboard

gs4 slide keyboard1

The death of the physical keyboard on smartphones happened a couple of years ago (someone tell Blackberry), but that doesn’t mean there aren’t those who would give a left…arm…to relive the days of click-clacking away on some chicklets. For those who match that description, I’m pleased to present to you a Bluetooth slideout keyboard for the newly released Samsung Galaxy S4. Look at that beauty.  (more…)