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pixel c unboxing

Pixel C and Keyboard Unboxing and Tour!

  Android tablets are not something we talk much about these days, because unfortunately for Android tablets, most aren't really worth talking about. In fact, there aren't many manufacturers even making them anymore, so our job of ignoring them has become...
blackberry venice

Blackberry Venice…This Thing Right Here

The Blackberry Venice, a phone coupled with a slideout physical keyboard and mostly-stock Android, has fanboys of tech giggling like little boys who found their penis for the first time. It's a keyboard! Like, the ones from back in the day on terrible...
fleksy keyboard

Fleksy Keyboard is Now Free, Time to Give It a Try

Fleksy, a keyboard that relies on prediction and gestures to speed up the typing process, dropped its price tag today and is now free. If there was ever a time to give it a shot, now would be it. For those who already bought it, Fleksy says they are gifting $8...