Indiegogo Launches Official Android App, Browse Campaigns and Follow Your Favorites

Crowdfunding does not appear to be going away anytime soon, even though it seems many projects end up being nightmares for consumers. From what I have seen, there are either ridiculously long delays, or even worse, the product is nowhere near as advertised. It seems as though Pebble is the most successful project to come from this environment in our industry, but there are surely others I am just unaware of at this time.

Putting my feelings aside, Indiegogo has launched its very own Android application this morning, allowing users to take advantage of its services while on the go. For example, if you just can’t get enough crowdfunding in your life, you can browse countless categories of campaigns, and then end up tracking the ones you care about. Users are also encouraged to look into campaign perks, as well as share campaigns with friends.  (more…)

Skully AR-1 Android Motorcycle Helmet Blows Past Funding Goal, Could be the Future

Motorcycle enthusiasts, have you been looking for the future in helmet technology? Skully thinks they have it with their freshly unveiled AR-1 Android-powered helmet that just went live on Indiegogo this morning. The helmet, which has already been given praise by outlets such as Popular Mechanics, Road & Track, Popular Science, and celebrity chef Tyler Florence (wait, what?) blew past its funding goal of $250,000 moments after it went live.

The helmet is powered by Android behind-the-scenes, includes a heads-up display that can show you information as you ride (like turn-by-turn navigation), an ultra-wide angle rear camera, and connects wirelessly to your phone. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can listen to music through your phone and even place hands-free calls.  (more…)

thingCHARGER Obliterates IndieGogo Funding Goal, Looks to Change How Your Outlet Works When Charging Devices

Crowd funding has given us a lot of very cool gadgets over the past few years and the latest one looks to change how we charge our electronic devices. thingCHARGER has been making the media rounds for a while now, consequently passing their original $25,000 IndieGogo goal. With 11 days left to go, thingCHARGER has raised a whopping $500,000 for their new product.  (more…)

Misfit Shine Activity Tracker From IndieGogo Drops Android Support After Months of Delays and Reaching $846,000 Funding Goal

misfit shine

Crowdfunding of new tech products through sites like Kickstarter and indiegogo has become the go-to method for anyone with a brilliant idea, but little cash to get things up and running. We have probably covered dozens of projects over the last couple of years (some good, some not-so-good), as many of these ideas are amazing concepts that have the chance at becoming a reality thanks to enthusiasts like you and I. One of those ideas from the last year was the Misfit Shine, an activity tracker similar to the Nike Fuelband or Fitbit, only it carries a much simpler, minimal-yet-beautiful, and less intrusive design. It won awards at CES, bragged about its awesome mode of syncing, and attracted almost 8,000 backers before closing as one of indiegogo’s most successful campaigns ever with a closing goal of $846,675.

But where it stood out to Android users, was the fact that its creators were willing to support Android from the beginning, something that even Nike wasn’t able to do after leading us on for months. Just before the campaign closed, they went as far as to show off their Android app, or at least the first render of it. This looked to be one of coolest, most attractive, and well-thought-out fitness trackers to date. Well, that was the case until today.  (more…)

Minuum is a Bold Attempt at a Minimal Keyboard in a “Single Dimension”


When your keyboard pops up on your device as you tap inside of a text box, do you ever get frustrated over the fact that it covers up precious real estate or hides objects that you would rather see? You are not alone. A new keyboard, which is hoping to see funds through an IndieGogo campaign, is attempting to fix this problem. It’s called Minuum(more…)