Paranoid Android Teases Redesigned Halo Notifications, Follows New Kit Kat Design Guidelines

It has been a while since we have heard anything from the Paranoid Android team who introduced Halo early last year. Their floating notification system was a huge hit in the ROM community, but since then we have had a new version of Android launch. Android 4.4 Kit Kat brought some new design ideas and that means a new Halo for us.  (more…)

Floating Touch is Like Chat Heads But With Quick Toggles, App Shortcuts, and Other Tools

floating touch

Facebook Home may be a massive bust in our eyes, but if there was one innovation that came out of that project, it’s pretty clear that it was Chat Heads. We’ve already seen an app called Floating Notifications mimic the functionality by surfacing as a way to better manage notifications without having to access the notification shade. And of course, we all know that Paranoid Android’s HALO was inspired by Facebook’s floating messenger app. Tonight though, we have a new app to share that has attempted to tackle the floating app trend – it’s called Floating Touch(more…)

Paranoid Android’s HALO Project Goes Open Source, Coming Soon to a ROM Near You

paranoid android halo

Some of the coolest custom Android development to happen lately has come from the folks that make Paranoid AndroidSince the launch of Facebook and their cool Chat Heads feature, PA has launched their own HALO code that allows for similar floating notifications in their ROM. Up until today it has been a PA exclusive, but they have decided to go open source with the project.  (more…)

Video: Preview of Paranoid Android’s HALO With Multiple Notification Support


The first alpha builds for Paranoid Android that have the new HALO feature baked in have been out for a week now, but one thing they seriously lacked was the ability to handle multiple notifications. Well, it appears the addition of this feature is just about ready for launch and have been previewed in a new video found on YouTube.  (more…)

Video: Hands-on With Paranoid Android’s HALO Feature


Paranoid Android’s HALO feature is currently the talk of the custom ROM town. Acting as a “Chat Head on steroids,” you can get system-wide notifications popped up in a fully-functional chat bubble for easy access and management. It works for any app no matter where you are throughout your device. If you are playing a game and get an email, you can easily pop up the bubble, reply, then get back to gaming. No need to leave the game. It’s pretty sweet.  (more…)