Builds of Paranoid Android 3.50 Now Up for Verizon “toro” Galaxy Nexus

Paranoid Android Halo

Over the weekend, the first alpha builds of the 3.50 Paranoid Android ROM hit the Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. Starting today, all of you Galaxy Nexus owners can get in on the fun too. What makes Paranoid Android so special is that it features the fancy new Halo feature, something we have been chatting about for the past week. With Halo, you can have a system-wide Chat Head-like feature for your most recent notification. It’s new, sexy, and very cool.  (more…)

First Builds of Paranoid Android With Alpha HALO Feature Rolling Out (Updated)

paranoid android halo

The HALO feature for Paranoid Android ROM is now available in to owners of the Nexus 4 (mak0). This first build with HALO should be considered an “alpha” or really early build, but will at least give you a chance to play around with what should be considered one of the most groundbreaking ROM features we have seen in some time.  (more…)

Video: First Look at Paranoid Android’s Halo Feature in Action

YouTube Preview Image

We first wrote up that the Paranoid Android team was working on something big earlier this week, with many folks voicing quite a bit of excitement. It appeared to be a multi-window/Chat Heads feature that allows users to be inside any app and access other app’s notifications from anywhere on the device, without having to access the notification bar. So in essence, this feature acts as a Chat Head, but is completely system wide for all apps. Today, we are getting our first real look at Halo(more…)