Google Maps and Search Updated With Business Holiday Hours

It’s that time of year again, when every business thinks it is cool to just close up shop early because it’s the holiday season. It can be a total pain to go to your usual spot, just to find they are shut down. Thanks to an addition inside of Google Maps and Google Search, holiday hours for virtually every business you can imagine are now available for viewing.  (more…)

Google Opens Beta for Google Search App on Android

You know how you hate staged rollouts because they drastically limit your chance to ever receive an app update when it first goes live? I have good news that may help increase your chances of winning the app update lottery! Google has opened a public beta for the Google app on Google Play that should get you testing new features well before the rest of the not-so-tech-savvy world.

The beta test opened within the last day to users through a Google Now card (pictured below). Once opened, users are able to opt-in and begin testing, assuming Google has a new beta for you to test. If you aren’t seeing the card, don’t worry, we have the link for you below.  (more…)

App Listings in Google Search Receive a Makeover

Google Search results are very important for many people. On mobile phones, they are becoming smarter, and now, prettier. The latest search results landing page to receive a makeover are app listings, a feature that has been inside search results for quite some time. Now, thanks to a server-side change at Google, any apps that are listed inside of a search result will be colored, giving a more tasteful aesthetic when browsing through categories of applications found on Google Play.  (more…)

Google Adds Nutrition Info for Popular Restaurant Chain Items

In a behind-the-scenes update, Google recently added nutrition info for menu items on some of the most popular restaurant chains you frequently visit. From McDonald’s or Wendy’s to TGIFriday’s or Chipotle, all you need to do is search for the restaurant name and “nutrition” on your phone (“chipotle nutrition”) and Google will give you the restaurant’s entire menu, along with listings of items and a quick calorie count.  (more…)

Google’s New Location-Aware Search is Rolling Out and Awesome

Ever been in front of a restaurant and wondered when it opened, but didn’t want to bother with pulling out your phone, searching for its name in an app, then scrolling through information to find out its business ours? Or maybe you were standing in a park, looking at a monument and wondering just how tall that statue was? What about that lake in front of you, how deep is it? Google can answer questions like these for you, even if you don’t know the name of the restaurant, park, monument, or lake. With their recently launched (and unannounced) location-aware search, you can ask Google things about items nearby and based on your location, will give you answers.  (more…)