Here is What Google Now’s New Real-time Package Tracking Looks Like

google now real time tracking

When Google Search updated yesterday, bringing with it “real time package tracking from select carriers” to Google Now, we were curious as to what carriers Google was referring to and exactly what “real time” means to them. For one, I have a couple of packages currently coming via UPS and neither are showing anything different from what we have seen since they first introduced the original package tracking. So what do they mean? USPS with maps, itemized tracking, order recaps, and more.  (more…)

Google Search Update Introduces Real Time Package Tracking, Faster Search Results, and Card Quick Settings (Updated)


Google Search for Android updated today to include new features and settings in Google Now for devices running Android 4.1+. Package tracking has been improved and now updates in real time (new card below), search results should appear much faster (tough to test that), and individual cards now have an info button (i) that when pressed, gives you quick settings for that particular card. For example, I pressed the (i) on my card for tonight’s Blazers game and it asked to make sure that I cared about this event. Tapping “yes” should help Now to continue to be accurate.

The update is live now, so go get it!  (more…)

Google Search Update is Live, Brings Google Now Widget to Home and Lockscreens

Google Now WIdget

Moments ago, Google pushed an update out to Google Search in Google Play, bringing some slick new features that we have been talking about over the past couple of days. Google Now widget, anyone? On top of an all new widget that can be placed on either your homescreen or lockscreen, movie rating are pulled from Rotten Tomatoes, there are movie passes from Fandango, and even real estate listings from Zillow.  (more…)

Tip: Search With Your Camera in New Google Now

With the newest Google Now update, Google built in a new Voice Action that allows you to scan barcodes with your camera. All you have to say is, “Scan barcode” after hitting the voice search button. But if the voice search button isn’t handy or you don’t want to speak out loud to your phone, you can access it another way.

If you open Google Now, scroll to the bottom and hit the 3-dotted menu button in the right corner. As long as you have updated your Google Now, you should see a new option that says “Search with camera.” Tap that, and find something to search for with your camera.

So far, I’ve had good luck snapping photos of text, but logos or objects, not so much. Give it a shot!

Cheers Nishant!

Google Now Cards – The Complete List

With today’s update to Google Now, we have more than 25 cards that can pop up and show us information depending on our location, recent searches, or location. It can even pull from our Gmail inboxes to track packages, remind us of hotel or restaurant reservations, and make sure we get to our flight on time. As a Jelly Bean user, it’s probably my favorite feature, and one that I’m glad more and more phones are now taking advantage, thanks to recent updates.

Below, and thanks to Google Support, we have the entire list of Google Now cards that can pop up on your device. Since many of us won’t have the opportunity to see some of these, we thought we’d share.  (more…)

Google Search Receives Update: New Google Now Cards and Voice Actions Included

A major Google Search update just hit the Google Play store for devices running Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean). The update introduces a handful of new cards for Google Now along with some new voice actions. You will now see Now cards for events happening nearby, suggestions to help with research, boarding passes (United only for now), weather for upcoming travel destinations, and more. On the voice actions side of things, you can tell your phone to post to Google+, ask what song is playing, and have your phone to scan a barcode.

Go grab it!  (more…)