App Listings in Google Search Receive a Makeover

Google Search results are very important for many people. On mobile phones, they are becoming smarter, and now, prettier. The latest search results landing page to receive a makeover are app listings, a feature that has been inside search results for quite some time. Now, thanks to a server-side change at Google, any apps that are listed inside of a search result will be colored, giving a more tasteful aesthetic when browsing through categories of applications found on Google Play.  (more…)

Google Adds Nutrition Info for Popular Restaurant Chain Items

In a behind-the-scenes update, Google recently added nutrition info for menu items on some of the most popular restaurant chains you frequently visit. From McDonald’s or Wendy’s to TGIFriday’s or Chipotle, all you need to do is search for the restaurant name and “nutrition” on your phone (“chipotle nutrition”) and Google will give you the restaurant’s entire menu, along with listings of items and a quick calorie count.  (more…)

Google’s New Location-Aware Search is Rolling Out and Awesome

Ever been in front of a restaurant and wondered when it opened, but didn’t want to bother with pulling out your phone, searching for its name in an app, then scrolling through information to find out its business ours? Or maybe you were standing in a park, looking at a monument and wondering just how tall that statue was? What about that lake in front of you, how deep is it? Google can answer questions like these for you, even if you don’t know the name of the restaurant, park, monument, or lake. With their recently launched (and unannounced) location-aware search, you can ask Google things about items nearby and based on your location, will give you answers.  (more…)

Google Now on Tap Brings Smart Multi-Tasking to Android M

Part of Android M is a major enhancement to Google Now, Google’s smart-as-hell automated assistant service, called Now on Tap. With Google Now on Tap, the new piece to the Now puzzle, you can get Google Now help from almost anywhere with a simple long press of your phone’s home button, allowing you to multi-task from any screen without having to leave what you are currently doing.  (more…)

Google to Answer Your Search Inquiries Directly in Search Suggestions

In either a full blown app update or simple server-side change, the Google app is reported to become a bit more helpful and quicker in delivering the answers you are looking for.

Before the update, when you attempt a search such as “How old is Barack Obama?,” you need to hit Enter to complete the search in order to view the answer. Thanks to the update, your answer will appear directly below in the Search Suggestions, with no need to continue to the results page.  (more…)