Google is Testing a Funky ‘Double Bubble’ Search Bar for the Pixel Launcher

Google Search Pixel 3 Double Bubble

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Thanks to the top shelf folks at XDA, we’re getting a look at something Google appears to be testing on the Pixel Launcher, the standard launcher app that comes with its Pixel devices.

Apparently, Google loves to mess with our search bar. If you’ll recall, they recently placed the word “Search…” on the bar, which ruffled our feathers just a bit. Thankfully, that change was reverted. Now, it appears the company wants to split the Search bubble into two bubbles, making it a double bubble. You’d have the dedicated bubble for text searches, plus a separate bubble for voice searches.

You can see this double bubble in action via the images above and below, thanks to XDA memberĀ paphonb.

Again, this was only discovered via the tweaking of code found in the Pixel Launcher, meaning it’s not confirmed to roll out to devices anytime soon or be there when the Pixel 3 is announced later this year. For all we know, this is Google simply testing out appearances and nothing more. However, it could also be something that will hit Pixel devices, so I don’t know, freak out or jump for joy if you feel so inclined.

As for me, I’m all about that double bubble life.

// XDA



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