Google Search Makes It Easy to Follow Primary Results, Find Candidate Stances on Political Issues

If you plan to keep tabs on the current primary election situation or want to quickly find out where candidates stand on certain issues, Google Search has your back.

Thanks to Search on mobile, you can easily find statements and quotes on hot topics or policies (search for things like: “hillary clinton economic policies”) or get general information about a single candidate and their stances (just search for: “ted cruz” or “bernie sanders”) without diving into the hundreds of political websites out there vying for your attention at the moment.  (more…)

Google App Re-Introduces “Allow Rotation” to Home Screens, Auto Tweaks Icon Sizes

Back in the Android M Developer Preview 2, Google briefly enabled an option in the Google App’s settings of “Allow rotation,” which gave phones the ability to rotate home screens into landscape, assuming they were also using the Google Now Launcher. Then, in Preview 3 and up until last night, it disappeared. In last night’s update, though, the option returned in a Google App update that is rolling out to all (edit: maybe just beta members).  (more…)

Searching “Bubble Level” on Your Phone Brings Up an Interactive Bubble Level

I was recently hanging photos and posters in my house, constantly trying to find my handy dandy bubble level. If I would have known about this trick in Google Search, I might saved a bit of time. As posted onto reddit, if you search “Bubble Level” via Google, an interactive bubble level will hit your screen, perfect for your leveling needs.  (more…)

Tip: Set a Shortcut to Your Google Reminders After Setting a Reminder

In the most recent update to Google Calendar, Google finally made reminders a centrally functional feature across a variety of Google apps, including Calendar, Inbox, and Keep. Before this update, there was a chance that a reminder set in one app wouldn’t ever make it into another app and your chances of missing it or forgetting about it were likely. While this centralized reminders control is awesome, attempting to find a complete list of reminders, including both current and past, has always been somewhat of a chore. In fact, the only ways I can think of to pull up a list is to say to Google, “View reminders,” set a reminder and then hit the “View reminders” button shown after completion, or swipe into Google Now, then swipe out the side menu and choose “Reminders.” Why there isn’t some sort of dedicated Reminders widget or readily available shortcut is beyond me.

Well, there is actually a shortcut, it just isn’t exactly all that easy to find, from what we can tell. Yesterday, one of readers spotted a prompt to add a home screen shortcut for reminders after he set a reminder. You can see it in the screenshot above and below.  (more…)

Google Now on Tap Gets Quick Flight and Order Tracking, Related Articles, and More Languages

Over the coming days, you will start to see new features in Google Now on Tap that make the tool more useful in the moment than ever, well, assuming you deal with flights or package tracking on a regular basis. In a way, this is Google taking you out of the old Google Now panel and allowing you to do some of that magic in the now. And maybe that’s the way this will all play out or is the way Google envisioned it.  (more…)

Google App Update Introduces Quick Screen Sharing Feature to Now on Tap

Ever wanted to quickly snap a screenshot of something and then share with a friend, only you don’t have the fingers necessary to do Android’s simultaneous press of Power+Volume Down? Or maybe you just don’t want to do that action, then go find the notification for it or screenshot taken before sharing? An update to the Google app (might be the beta as v5.7.13.19) that started rolling out last night adds a new feature to Now on Tap that will make this all easier.  (more…)