Google is Running Another 75% Off Movie Rental Deal (Updated)

Got your eye on one of the new movies to hit Google Play in recent weeks? Maybe The Hateful Eight or Creed or The Last Witch Hunter? If you are nodding your head to that last one, please leave, because we are all shaking our heads at you. But if you are interested in those first two, both of which are great flicks, hit up the link below! Google is doing another 75% off movie rentals deal!  (more…)

All of These Top Apps are Under $1 on Google Play Right Now

That deal on Nova Launcher from earlier in the week that we pointed out is apparently part of a much bigger sale going on through Google Play. To celebrate “Play Days,” Google has discounted a whole bunch of top apps to under $1 (read: $0.99) for a limited time. Apps like Nova Launcher ($4.99) are included, but you’ll also find Runtastic’s Road Bike Pro ($4.99), ad-free Weather & Clock Widget ($2.99), FlightTrack 5 ($4.99), Smart Launcher Pro 3 ($2.90), Poweramp Full ($3.99), and Today Calendar Pro ($2.99?).  (more…)

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Arrives in Your Home on April 1

If you have yet to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters…wait, you’ve all seen it by now, right? No? Leave work this very minute and go see the damn thing. It’s amazing and should be experienced at least once in theaters by all. Then again, if you have been putting it off this long, I would imagine that you won’t listen to me and will instead continue disappointing humanity. So humanity disappointers, you don’t have that long to wait before you can see it at home because it arrives April 1.  (more…)

Play Games Intros Gamer ID, Unique Gaming Persona for All Mobile Players

When you hop onto your PC, PS4, or Xbox One, you are no longer yourself – you are a destroyer of worlds, killer of zombies, pwner of newbs, vault dweller in search of his/her son, or whatever type of character you want to play as. The point is, you usually play these games under an alias when online, not your real name.

Because of this, Google is introducing Gamer ID for Play Games. With this, mobile gamers can create unique gaming personas when playing on their phones, so wherever you may be with your phone, you can always be Zardoz, a mortal man sent to teach an enslaved people about sex and freedom. (more…)

Google Play’s 75% Off Any Movie Rental is Back

Back in December, Google handed out 75% off codes to everyone to try and get them to rent a movie on Google Play. If you missed out, you now have a second chance, as Google opened up the “75% off any one movie rental” promo again last night.

To claim, all you need to do is open up Google Play, jump through to the Entertainment (on app) or Movies & TV sections, and hunt for the red banner that tells you about the 75% off deal. Click the banner, tap “Continue” in the prompt that shows, and then be on your way to renting at a discounted rate.  (more…)

Android Developers Can Now Issues Promo Codes for Paid Apps or In-App Purchases

Have you ever wondered why you never saw developers hand out special promo codes for their paid apps through giveaways on Twitter or sites like this one? That’s because up until yesterday, they couldn’t. That has all changed now, though. In a message posted to developer consoles, Google is informing Android developers that they can now hand out promo codes for paid apps or in-app purchases on Google Play(more…)