Deals: $50 Google Play Credit When You Buy Nexus 6, Nexus 9, or Android Wear Device – $50 Off Sony Smartwatch Too

From today through March 31, should you buy a Nexus 6, Nexus 9, or an Android Wear device through the new Google Store, Google will hand you $50 in Google Play credit to spend as you please. If you choose the Sony Smartwatch 3, you will save another $50, as the GPS-equipped watch’s price has been slashed from $249 to $199.

According to the terms, you will receive your Google Play credit once your device ships, but you must claim it by April 20, 2015. The credit is then good through September 1, 2015.  (more…)

Google is Now Reviewing Apps Before They are Published on Google Play

Google Play may no longer be the wild west of app stores. In fact, it hasn’t been for quite some time, we just didn’t know it.

This morning, Google announced that several months ago, they began reviewing apps through a “team of experts” who are responsible for identifying violations of their developer policies “earlier in the app lifecycle.” So far, the change hasn’t seemed to impact the time-to-market for developers’ apps, something I’m sure all developers will now be somewhat concerned about. After all, Apple’s app store review process is widely known as being painfully slow, often taking days or weeks to get apps processed and available for download.  (more…)

You Can No Longer Buy Devices on Google Play, Also Can’t Use Google Play Credit on the Google Store

With the arrival of the new Google Store, you may be wondering what will happen to all of the devices that were listed on Google Play. The short answer – they are gone. If you click on the “Devices” link on Google Play, you will now be re-directed to the new Google Store. Even if you have direct listing links to devices that were previously on Google Play, you will be re-directed to their individual listings on the Google Store.

The end of buying devices on Google Play has come. You also can’t use Google Play credit in the new Google Store (which makes sense since you can’t use Play credit for devices).

If that news only prompted more questions, maybe we have the answers already, thanks to a FAQ provided by Google.  (more…)

Google Opens the Google Store for Device Sales, Introduces New Chromebook Pixel

Forget update Wednesday, today is about Google’s devices, the new store they plan to sell them through, and a new addition to the line-up. Announced moments ago, say “Hello” to the Google Store, your place to learn about and buy all of the devices made by Google. In the new Google Store, you will also find the new Chromebook Pixel, which introduces some new tech and a slightly lower price tag than the original.  (more…)