Some Google Services Seem to be Struggling at the Moment… (Updated)

Google Play, Hangouts, and Play Music all seem to be having issues this morning. More specifically, the Chrome Hangouts extension and Android app, Google Play on mobile, and Play Music in the browser, were all having their own issues. Many of us are also getting weird “unusual traffic from your computer network” errors with included CAPTCHAs. So, no, it’s not you.

Let us know if you are experiencing anything unusual with your Google services at the moment.  (more…)

Google Play Services 7.0 is Rolling Out With New Places, Google Fit APIs, and More

Yesterday afternoon, Google began pushing Google Play Services 7.0 to devices. The update introduces a new Places API, a handful of Google Fit APIs that replace the old single API, a new location settings dialog, automatic AdMob and Google Analytics integration, a Nearby Connections API (more on this here), simplified App Indexing, and more.  (more…)

“Sponsored” Apps Will Soon be Listed on Google Play

It’s still probably safe to say that Google is an ad company. Out of all the cool products and services of Google’s that you use each day, ads are how Google makes most of its money. So this morning’s announcement, about new “sponsored” apps and search results coming to Google Play shouldn’t shock you at all. In fact, I’m surprised they didn’t arrive years ago.

Yes, ads are coming to Google Play.  (more…)