Tip: Google Opinion Rewards is Still a Great Way to Earn Cash to Pay for Apps

Back in November of 2013, Google introduced an app called Google Opinion Rewards. We haven’t talked about the app much since, but because it has become a great source of funding for app purchases (like icon pack hotness), we figured it was time for a reminder that it exists. A lot has happened in two years, plus many of you are new around these parts and may not have known that Google was even doing a rewards/survey app that you could earn cash from.  (more…)

This Week’s Free Google Play Kids App of the Week is Toca Hair Salon 2

Last week, Google started a new “Free app of the week” program for the newly launched family section of Google Play. They started off with a Daniel Tiger game, but have now followed that up with a game called Toca Hair Salon 2. It’s a $3 game, so if you have kids, you may want to give it a look.

In the game, kids get to style the heck out of people’s hair, run their own salon, and choose from six different characters. Fun times.  (more…)

Google Play’s “Family” Category is Live for Apps, Movies, and Books

During Google I/O, Google announced a new “Family” category for Google Play that would help parents direct their kids to content suited best for them. These new family sections, which are now live on the web version of Google Play (or are just now being highlighted), feature filters for age and interests, but Google also plans to push through a better ratings system and feature special pages for top kiddie characters, like Peppa Pig.  (more…)