“Sponsored” Apps Will Soon be Listed on Google Play

It’s still probably safe to say that Google is an ad company. Out of all the cool products and services of Google’s that you use each day, ads are how Google makes most of its money. So this morning’s announcement, about new “sponsored” apps and search results coming to Google Play shouldn’t shock you at all. In fact, I’m surprised they didn’t arrive years ago.

Yes, ads are coming to Google Play.  (more…)

Google Play Hosting $5 HD Movie Promotion, Includes Inception, 300, and The Hangover

For a movie lover such as myself, I have been spending way too much money on buying digital copies of my favorite movies. Now, my entire DVD collection seems basically worthless, as I continue to add to my cloud-based digital collection on Google’s servers. Thankfully, Google has a few great deals from time to time, making the process a tad less strenuous on my wallet.

Today, Google is hosting one of these awesome sales on Google Play, pricing a ton of great moves at just $5 a pop, all in high definition. Included in the sale are hits like The Hangover, 300, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Inception, Star Trek, The Matrix, Wedding Crashers, 21 Jump Street, Kick Ass 2, and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.  (more…)

About That Missing Toolbar…Action Bar…Whatever…From the New Google Play Update

Yesterday, there was a solid complaint session discussion in our comments about the new Google Play update that is about to add a search box to the top of the main Play page, replacing the Toolbar or action bar or whatever Google is calling it today. The update was teased as a GIF in a G+ post by Kirill Grouchnikov, who works as an interface engineer on the Android team.

This morning, Grouchnikov posted another animated GIF of the new Google Play, likely in response to a growing number of comments both here and in his original post about the move away from the Toolbar. As it turns out, the Toolbar is still alive in the app, it’s just taking on a different form as the search box on the main page, but then returns as its normal self on category pages. If that makes sense. Hey, whatever! Flexibility! Or something. (more…)

Google Play Update Will Introduce a Search Bar, Brings Back the Spinning Arrow! (Updated)

A Google Play update is either coming “soon” or “rolling out” at this moment, at least according to Google’s Kirill Grouchnikov. The user interface engineer from the Android team often teases new builds of the Play store just before they arrive and has done so again today.

This afternoon, he posted up the GIF below, which shows a tweaked top portion of the Google Play store, with a missing action bar that has been replaced by a dedicated search box. In that search box, we also have the return of one of our favorite animations, the spinning hamburger-to-arrow rotation.  (more…)

Google Eyeing Virtual Help Desks at Retail Locations, Has Been Testing in Google Play Since November

The idea of a Google retail location would be nice, but since the company does not really have much to sell (besides a couple Nexus devices), we are afraid it might be a waste of rent. However, the company is reportedly working on two things currently, one of which has already been under testing since last November.

According to TechCrunch, Google may want to bring virtual help desks to retail locations in places where their products are for sale. As purely an example, since no retailers have been rumored yet, picture a kiosk inside of a Best Buy, where you can chat via Hangouts with a trained Google rep who can go over products such as the Nexus 9 or a Chromebook with you before purchasing.  (more…)