Tip: Check on Your Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P Shipping Date Through Google Play Too

When is my Nexus 6P or Nexus 5X shipping? Do you guys know anything? What did Google say? Those questions keep showing up in our inbox on an almost daily basis, because Google hasn’t really given us a specific date since announcing their new Nexus phones a few weeks ago. And seriously, we don’t know other than they should begin shipping at some point in October.

With that in mind, a couple of clever redditors noticed that if you go into Google Play’s “My Account” section and check on order history there, you can see more specific information.  (more…)

Tip: Check for Unclaimed Rewards in “My Account” on Google Play

How often do you slideout Google Play’s navigation drawer and enter the “My Account” section? I think I’ve done it all of once, probably when I wrote up this story. I may have done it another time or two to check on account history or to add a new payment method, but honestly, I forgot it even exists. That’s too bad really, because Google is adding “Rewards” in there for promos you may have waiting for you.  (more…)

Giveaway: $300 in Google Play Gift Cards Up for Grabs!

Apologies for us not hosting a Google Play gift card giveaway in a while, but with smartphone release schedules getting moved around this year, we have been a bit busy. To make up for it, we’re going pretty big this time around with $300 in gift cards for 18 different winners. This is probably our biggest gift card giveaway to date. Well, we have given away $300 before, but not to 18 different people.

This time, we are handing out 10 $10 gift cards, along with another 8 $25 gift cards. Your chances of winning are better than they have ever been.

The contest runs from right now until tomorrow morning. When it finishes, we’ll email winners and then send over redemption codes. Within minutes of being chosen, you can begin enjoying free cash.

As always, we went with Rafflecopter to manage the contest. There are a number of ways to enter, so choose which way you find easiest. The more you enter, though, the more chances you have to win.

Ready?  (more…)

Google Play Games Sale Slashes Prices Up to 90% – Monument Valley, Limbo, Hitman GO Included

Google is currently hosting a games sale on Google Play that has cut prices on select games up to 90%. Games included in the deal are big titles like Monument Valley ($0.99), Game of Thrones ($0.60), LIMBO ($0.99), Hitman GO ($0.75), Goat Simulator ($0.99), The Room Two ($0.69), and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars ($0.99).

The deal is live through July 27, so be sure to grab as many as you can over the weekend. Some of the prices have dropped to as low as $0.19.  (more…)