It Seems Odd That Most of the Google Play Edition Devices are Out of Inventory

Within the last month, four of the six Google Play Edition devices have been flipped to “We are out of inventory. Please check back soon.” The only two that remain available for purchase are the Moto G and HTC One (M8), though it has gone in and out of inventory since it was first released back in March. Does that seem odd to anyone else?

I should point out that Google is constantly tweaking or refreshing or trolling people with the inventory status of its Google Play devices. Some times these things change for minutes at a time before being flipped back to being fully available with a “Add to cart” button. In fact, we have been following these listings all month expecting that to happen, yet it hasn’t. So what’s up? (more…)

Google Play Device Page Says Google Glass is Available in the UK, Except It Isn’t (Updated: It Is Now)

Google Play’s country availability page for countries was updated this morning to include a listing for Google Glass, showing that the wearable was available in the UK. Of course, we know that Google Glass isn’t available in the UK, so what’s the story?

Well, this page is typically pretty accurate. It lists all devices available on Google Play and which countries those devices are available in. When Nest showed up on this list prematurely, Google made it available on Google Play shortly after. When the Nest Protect landed on Google Play last week, it made it to this list first. So this list, is legit. I wouldn’t expect Google to put something on it without meaning to do so. The listing links to this support page, which doesn’t mention anything else related to Google Play.  (more…)

Stock Android Email App Makes Its Debut on Google Play

The stock Email app for Android made its way to Google Play tonight, showing as an update for those who own a Nexus device and select Google Play Edition devices too. The will show as unavailable to the rest of you.

In the update, Google has increased security for Gmail accounts, made the account setup flow easier, and added in printing. And that’s pretty much it. If anything, the news is that the official stock Email app is now on Google Play. I wonder what took Google so long?  (more…)

Here is the Amazon Fire Phone’s Biggest Flaw Presented Perfectly in a Single Image

The Amazon Fire Phone will be talked about for the rest of the day ad nauseam. From “top 5 features” lists to people referring to it as the “world’s most exciting phone,” there will be plenty to take in with regard to Amazon’s first attempt at a smartphone. There are things to like and loathe, others to debate about, but one thing is clear – this is an Amazon product through and through.  (more…)

Google Play Books Comes to 11 New Countries: Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Panama, and More

Googe Play Books is now supported in 11 new countries, according to Google. The new countries seeing love this morning are Bolivia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Google accidentally announced this list of countries last week prematurely, so it may look familiar. It is now official, though.

Go get some.  (more…)

LG G Watch Makes Brief Appearance on German Google Play Store

According to a couple of German-based Android sites, Google updated the German Play store’s devices page at some point today with information suggesting that the LG G Watch is imminent or will at least be sold through Google Play at some point in the near future. I can’t see the text that is referencing the G Watch here in the States, but a couple of screenshots – one of which we included above – show what was likely a premature edit by Google.  (more…)

Terrain Home Launches for Android, a Home Screen Add-On to Keep Your Life Organized

Android personalization took to a new level when home launcher replacements became popular. The ability to change the launcher that you interact with gives each user so much control over what they see and when. The newest home replacement comes to us courtesy of Samsung Accelerator that is helping high-quality developers to make even higher-quality applications. Terrain Home is the closest thing that you will find to Google Now this side of Mountain View.  (more…)

Garmin Releases viago Navigation App For $0.99, Pay In-App to Unlock Features that Google Maps Does for Free

Besides Gmail and Search, the other service that has become synonymous with Google has got to be Google Maps. Since it comes pre-installed on almost all Android phones, it has become the go-to mapping and navigation service not only because it is convenient, but because it is also very good. If for some reason you do not want to opt-in to Google’s great maps service, though, there are other options out there. A new option with a brand name attached to it has launched today in the form of Garmin’s viago(more…)