So…Umm…Google Now was Released to iOS Today…Yep.

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Our inbox indicates that many of you are aware that Google released Google Now to iOS this morning. This comes as no surprise, nor does it interest us one bit. Good for iOS users. Welcome to the fun that is Google Now! Well, sort of. The Google Now for iOS will never be as powerful as the version on Android because Apple won’t allow it to be.

For now though, you can open up the iOS Google Search app and find some cards for flights or restaurants or routes home from work and even track packages and flight info from Gmail. But from what we can tell, it may not be able to update in the background at full capacity like the Android version does, which means no ongoing notifications for card updates. You’ll have to consciously open up the app to get Now goodies rather than have it dictate your life for you. You also can’t access Google Now through a shortcut like swiping up or long-pressing navigation buttons. You’ll have to open the Search app and then swipe up the Now cards to view them.

It’s really just an add-on to Google Search, not really the semi-stand-alone, ultra-powerful service that it is on Android. Well, until Google makes it that way – take the iOS Gmail app for example.

But again, enjoy, iOS users.

More Evidence Pointing Towards Google Now Coming to a Desktop Near You


The internet is buzzing today thanks to some digging through test code from Google that revealed multiple references to Google Now. It seems as if Google is ready to take Now to the primetime by featuring it on their home page. As it is the code is pointing towards allowing you to set your Work and Home location so it can give you information on travel times, food places and traffic problems around you.  (more…)

Sliding Messaging Updated, Brings New UI and Google Now-like Card Layout

Sliding 2

Before I get started, I want to point out that I have been a major fan and supporter of Sliding Messaging since early January. It was a major step in the right direction for text messaging on Android, bringing a great mix of looks and functionality to a somewhat bland stock experience Google gives us. Last night, Sliding Messaging received a major update, bringing a completely “re-imagined” look for the entire app.  (more…)

Here is What Google Now’s New Real-time Package Tracking Looks Like

google now real time tracking

When Google Search updated yesterday, bringing with it “real time package tracking from select carriers” to Google Now, we were curious as to what carriers Google was referring to and exactly what “real time” means to them. For one, I have a couple of packages currently coming via UPS and neither are showing anything different from what we have seen since they first introduced the original package tracking. So what do they mean? USPS with maps, itemized tracking, order recaps, and more.  (more…)

Google Search Update Introduces Real Time Package Tracking, Faster Search Results, and Card Quick Settings (Updated)


Google Search for Android updated today to include new features and settings in Google Now for devices running Android 4.1+. Package tracking has been improved and now updates in real time (new card below), search results should appear much faster (tough to test that), and individual cards now have an info button (i) that when pressed, gives you quick settings for that particular card. For example, I pressed the (i) on my card for tonight’s Blazers game and it asked to make sure that I cared about this event. Tapping “yes” should help Now to continue to be accurate.

The update is live now, so go get it!  (more…)

Google Movies & TV and Sound Search Updated in Google Play


It’s Google apps update day! We already discussed the changes to be seen in Translate and Google Maps, so up next we have Sound Search and the Movies & TV application. Unfortunately, the Sound Search app has no changelog and after a quick use of it, I can’t seem to find any changes. It still acts the same and looks the same. So let’s move on.

As for the Google Play Movies & TV app, this one has a very solid update. If you are using the application on a tablet, you can now pause movies and get Google Now-like information cards pulled up on the actors, songs in the film, and a lot more. It’s a very cool way of getting even more information about your favorite films while you watch.  (more…)

Notif Pro Adds “Note to Self…” Voice Search Action

notif pro

Notif, one of our favorite apps of the last year because of its simple yet powerful note taking abilities, that we’ve already written up a couple of times, received a new feature last night thanks to a recent update. In Google Voice Search, as you tell Google to begin a “note to self…,” Notif (pro version only) will show up as one of the options after you have spoken your note. Should you choose Notif, your spoken note will then appear as all Notifs do, in the notification bar until you swipe it away.  (more…)

New DROID RAZR MAXX HD Commercial Touts “DROID Recognition”

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We haven’t posted a DROID commercial in a while, but a new clip for the RAZR MAXX HD surfaced this morning looking more like the original DROID campaign than anything we have seen in some time, and thought we’d share. Plus, anything is better than the desert bedroom explosion spot, right? Not sure this fully redeems the DROID brand after that ridiculousness, but it can’t hurt.

In this spot, instead of selling the new powerful Google Voice Search, Verizon has decided to brand it with their own term called, “DROID recognition.” Yes, that’s a silly word play on the phrase “voice recognition.” Come on, we should be able to do better than this.