Open Mic+ Looks to Bring Motorola’s Touchless Controls to All Google Now Devices


When we posted about Motorola’s Touchless Control app hitting Google Play yesterday, there were many readers that were a little disappointed that it only worked with the new Moto devices. However, Android developers always love to step up and make our days so if you are looking to get some voice control action on your new phone, Open Mic+ is something you need to check out. (more…)

New Google Search Update Introduces Bundle of New Google Now Cards For Car Rentals, Concert Tickets, and More


Late last night, Google announced that a new update to Google Search would be rolling out as early as today that includes a bundle of new Google Now cards. We’re looking at new cards for car rental reservations, concert tickets, a card for commute sharing, and NCAA football scores, along with revamped transit and TV cards.  (more…)

Google Updates Keep App, Teams Up With Google Now to Introduce Location-based Reminders (Updated: Download Available)


Google is currently pushing out an update for Keep, which brings a new partnership between Google Now and the note-taking service. Starting with the new update, you can set a reminder (and location-based reminder) with your notes, which will then be pushed through Google Now to your device. For example, if you need to take out the trash on Thursday nights or have an important list of groceries, then you can set a reminder to make sure you don’t forget. What makes it interesting is that Google Now notices that you have walked into your grocery store, then reminds you of your list. If you aren’t ready to deal with the reminder when it goes off, you can simply “snooze” it until a later time.  (more…)

Google Brings Quick Flight Searches, Purchase Tracking, Personal Photos and More to Google Search

google voice search

Google wants you to fully embrace your voice when it comes to performing searches. In a new service that will begin rolling out of the “next several days,” Google is giving you the power to simply ask Google Search for flight info on an upcoming flight, see reservation info for hotels or dinner plans, track purchases made online, see what your plans are for tomorrow, and even get photos from recent trips or other specific time periods.  (more…)

NCAA Football Teams Can Now be Manually Added to Google Now

google now ncaa football

Back in February, as we approached the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, Google Now finally started to allow users to add their favorite teams. At the time, we had a number of readers ask, “What about college football?” Since the college football season had long been wrapped up by February, we assumed that Google would get around to adding football teams once we got closer to the fall and the 2013 season. Sure enough, you can now add your favorite college football teams to your My Stuff>Sports list.  (more…)

Google Reportedly Testing “Hyperlocal” Google Now Card

nexus 7 google now

Google Now already shows a lot of cards to users. There are cards for sports, weather, nearby places and so much more. There is currently a national news card, but nothing that focuses on news that is happening in your own neighborhood. According to Quartz, Google has confirmed to them that they are working on a “hyperlocal” Google Now card, capable of bringing users news that is based on the time of day and their current location.  (more…)

Google Now’s New TV Info Feature is Pretty Awesome

google now tv

This morning, Google updated its Search app for Android to include a new TV information card that can be viewed through Google Now. It requires you to have a WiFi-enabled TV, with your TV and phone connected to the same network in order to work, but otherwise doesn’t need any other setup. No pairing, codes, or IR blasters are necessary. So since I happen to have a TV with WiFi, I decided to see what the experience is like and how exactly it works. After waiting a few minutes for Google Now to find my TV, I can now safely say that this will probably be one of my most used Google Now cards.  (more…)

Google Search Receives Update: TV Show Information, Offers Show When Nearby a Location, New Voice Action for Music

google voice search

Google Search received an update today on Android that introduces a couple of new Google Now and action features worth mentioning. The first new feature will display information about shows you are watching through your internet-connected TV (as long as you are on the same WiFi network as your TV). The second will automatically pop up saved offers once  you approach a nearby redemption location. And third, we’re seeing a new voice action that will play music from either your phone or the Play store. Oh, they also tossed in Voice actions tips.

The update is technically live, but yeah, you know about those staged rollouts.  (more…)