Google Reportedly Testing “Hyperlocal” Google Now Card

nexus 7 google now

Google Now already shows a lot of cards to users. There are cards for sports, weather, nearby places and so much more. There is currently a national news card, but nothing that focuses on news that is happening in your own neighborhood. According to Quartz, Google has confirmed to them that they are working on a “hyperlocal” Google Now card, capable of bringing users news that is based on the time of day and their current location.  (more…)

Google Now’s New TV Info Feature is Pretty Awesome

google now tv

This morning, Google updated its Search app for Android to include a new TV information card that can be viewed through Google Now. It requires you to have a WiFi-enabled TV, with your TV and phone connected to the same network in order to work, but otherwise doesn’t need any other setup. No pairing, codes, or IR blasters are necessary. So since I happen to have a TV with WiFi, I decided to see what the experience is like and how exactly it works. After waiting a few minutes for Google Now to find my TV, I can now safely say that this will probably be one of my most used Google Now cards.  (more…)

Google Search Receives Update: TV Show Information, Offers Show When Nearby a Location, New Voice Action for Music

google voice search

Google Search received an update today on Android that introduces a couple of new Google Now and action features worth mentioning. The first new feature will display information about shows you are watching through your internet-connected TV (as long as you are on the same WiFi network as your TV). The second will automatically pop up saved offers once  you approach a nearby redemption location. And third, we’re seeing a new voice action that will play music from either your phone or the Play store. Oh, they also tossed in Voice actions tips.

The update is technically live, but yeah, you know about those staged rollouts.  (more…)

Verizon Reminds Us That Google Voice Search Can Solve All Your Problems

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Verizon’s new Father’s Day commercial that popped up over the weekend is a fine reminder that Google Voice Search is there to help you in times of need. When your child adopts a dangerous pet, baseballs are thrown through windows, a kid puts the wrong dish soap in the dishwasher, superglue is used to help someone palm a basketball, or when your daughter gets her little heart crushed by a boy, you can search for help.

I can’t tell you how many times recently that I’ve pulled out Google Voice Search to find things. If my friends and I can’t remember anything from an actor’s name to movies they were in to how many different NBA teams Dr. J played for, Google Search can get you there quicker than any other method. I forget to use it every so often, but lately it has become a part of my everyday life.

Oh, the ad was also to show off the current “Free” deal that VZW is running for the RAZR M in blue, should you be interested.

Are you using Voice Search regularly or do you forget about it?

Google Rolls Out Rich Notifications For Chrome, Has That Google Now Feel

Since the majority of us are probably using Chrome, at least according to this poll, we feel it quite justified to talk about the world’s most popular web browser. Today, Google enabled “rich notifications” for Chrome. Think of these as little info cards that pop up in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. They are clean and elegant, heavily resembling that of Google Now’s UI.  (more…)

Use the Google Now Backgrounds as Your Wallpaper With This App

Google Now Wallpapers

Been looking for an easy way to bring those Google Now backgrounds to your homescreen? An app called Google Now Wallpaper lists them out as little cards and then you simply tap and apply which one you want. A feature that makes it exceptionally neat is that depending on the time of day, it will automatically switch to the evening and then night time versions as well.  (more…)