New Google Photo Stories Showing Up in Google Now

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Folks who utilize Google Photo’s auto backup will begin to see new Stories pop up directly through Google Now. To explain, if you take enough photos at any given time, Google will throw those photos into a Story, then put music and effects to it. Moving forward, these Stories will appear in Google Now for easy access, where as before, you would receive a notification through the Google Photos app. 

Below, you can see a screenshot of what this will look like. If you don’t have Auto Backup enabled, head on into the settings menu for the Photos app, then turn on Auto Backup. From there, Google will upload photos on its very own, then create stories when it feels the time is right.

Personally, it has made me stories for the trips I have taken to New York and San Francisco, and they always turn out pretty good.

Be sure to take more photos.


Via: +Thomas Tenkely



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