There is More to This Android N DP5 Easter Egg and It Involves Catching Cats (Updated)

Earlier today, the Android N Developer Preview 5 dropped and brought with it a new Easter Egg, if you can call it that. At first glance, we brushed it off as being nothing more than a Nougat colored “N” set atop an emoji line-up that evoked Hodor and his name origin. If you say “No Cat” enough, you can see how that could become “Nou-gat” in the same way (SPOILER ALERT ON GAME OF THRONES) that “hold the door” became “Hodor.” Get it?

Oh, but it appears to be much deeper than that. There may be Pokemon GO-inspired happenings here.  (more…)

Did Google Just Reveal the Name of Android N?!

After the whirlwind of popularity Boaty McBoatface received on the internet, Google looks to be following suit. Inside of the Easter Egg used on Developer Preview 4 of Android N, Google may be hinting at what Android N’s official name will be.

As you can view in the header image above, which is a shot of the Easter Egg, it is now an ultra safe bet we can confirm that the name for Android N will be… Namey McNameface(more…)

Here are All the PNG Files From the Kit Kat Easter Egg, Including the Donut Burger and Zombie Gingerbread

kit kat easter egg

A reader of ours was cruising through the systemui folder after decompiling a Kit Kat ROM this morning to check out the latest Easter Egg and found all of the .png files that make up the beautifully colored Android collage pictured above. The collage itself isn’t new, but some of the pictures clearly show Google’s well-documented sense of humor. They can be seen in the actual Easter Egg, assuming you look closely enough.  (more…)