Video: Googlers Post a “Brief History of Android Easter Eggs”

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Nat and Lo, two Googlers whose 20% project is to go around Google and detail cool projects, released their latest video to YouTube this week, detailing the history of the Android Easter Egg project. 

As you likely already know, if you go into system settings, then tap repeatedly on the phone’s build number, you will find that version’s Easter Egg. Easter Eggs on Android really took off with Gingerbread, which gave us the zombie painting from artist Jack Larson. Honeycomb had its own bee Easter Egg, and Ice Cream Sandwich had that odd Nyan-Andy Easter Egg.

In the video below, watch Nat and Lo speak about bringing Jack Larson’s work to Gingerbread, who runs the Easter Egg project now on the framework team, and much more.




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