AOKP Developers Add In Their Own Jelly Bean Easter Egg Goodies

Oh, those crazy developers. If you have flashed the newest build of AOKP, then just like the official Jelly Bean build from Google, you can find some amusing Easter Egg fun. Under Settings, tap rapidly on “AOKP verison” which will bring up a flashy picture of a majestic unicorn. Long press on the unicorn and boom, tons of floating multi-colored unicorn heads for you to play around with.

Good work, fellas.

Cheers Bryan!

CM10 Easter Egg Plays Off of Jelly Bean’s Quite Nicely

The Jelly Bean Easter Egg that we first unearthed back at Google I/O has quickly become one of our all-time favorites. It’s interactive and a great time waster should you find yourself needing to kill 5 minutes without having to think or blink. Who would have thought that flicking Jelly Beans and wondering what’s up with the random Candy Cane could be so fun?

The CyanogenMod team must share similar feelings, as they decided to spend some extra time in CM10 to customize Jelly Bean’s hidden fun. CID’s head replaces the beans, but the flicking is just as addicting as you would expect it to be. It can be accessed in the same way that you would any other Easter Egg in Android – tap multiple times on the Android build number in your device’s About screen, then long press when you see CID’s face.  (more…)

Nexus Q Has a “Magic 8 Ball” Easter Egg

According to the Nexus Q, it isn’t even sure if you should buy one. Recently reported by Android Authority, there is an Easter Egg tucked inside the Nexus Q app. If you cruise into a specific Nexus Q’s settings in the app, you can tap on the image of the Q and then proceed to a screen that asks if you “Have a dilemma?” From there you can tap the Q again and ask it a question. It works just as a Magic 8 Ball, so don’t expect it to always give a reliable answer.

It’s another awesome goodie that ties in nicely with our unearthing of the Jelly Bean Easter egg. Good work, Google.

Via: Android Authority

Silly Chrome Trick: Flick Upwards in the Tab View to Get a Surprise

YouTube Preview Image

Google loves to hide “Easter Eggs” inside many of their products. For instance, if you jump into the About screen on your phone and tap numerous times on the Android version, you will find a surprise. It changes with each new major Android build and is something will always check for the minute one is released. So this little trick in Chrome Beta for Android is just another example of the fun things that Google does to their products behind the scenes.

Cheers Johnathan and Dave!

Secret “Rocket Launcher” Discovered in Ice Cream Sandwich

YouTube Preview Image

Oh that Android Team, such a creative bunch. The Nyan Android is not the only Easter egg tucked away in Ice Cream Sandwich. No sir, a space-inspired “Rocket Launcher” was also included, but can only be found by looking through the available activities on the phone. What I mean by that, is you have to use a 3rd party app like Any Cut or LauncherPro that can turn activities into shortcuts. Once you do, the video above can be achieved.

Tap once to slow the rocket ship, tap an icon to launch it.

Via:  reddit