Camera Finally Working in Bionic, RAZR and DROID 3 Ice Cream Sandwich ROMS

Owners of Motorola devices who might want to flash some vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich with no Blur attached now have additional options when looking to do so. There have been ICS ROMs available already, but there was a bug involved that hindered the camera from working properly in some of them. And for some, a non-working camera is a complete no-go.  (more…)

Two New DROID 3 Updates Available, Flash With Caution

Two new updates for the DROID 3 have been discovered and are flashable in the stock recovery. Before you jump all over these though, understand that once you update to them, there is no going back to the prior and official Blur build. And we have done some digging and so far cannot tell if either of these will end up being official or not. These are for the tinkerers in the building, not necessarily the novice non-rooted folks.

Users who have taken the plunge are reporting better connectivity thanks to the new radio, a more stable camera, and faster Blur.

Both can be rooted using the latest DROID 4 method that seems to be able to root almost any Moto device.

Downloads:  5.7.902 | 5.7.905

More info at this XDA thread.

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Custom ROM Friday: Builds For Galaxy Nexus, DROID 3, And HTC Rezound

After last week’s return of Custom ROM Friday, we could see that folks sure did miss it. So this week, we bring you a few ROMs that should tie you over until next week. First up, we have GummyNex 0.7.0 by developer Kejar31 and Syaoran12. If you have been flashing ROMs on the Galaxy Nexus, then we are sure you have come across this name at least a few times. It brings the speed, customizations, and stability that people look for in daily drivers.  (more…)

DROID 3 Drops to $49 on Contract to Make Room for the DROID 4

Last week, the DROID 3 dropped all the way down to $99 on contract moments after Verizon and Motorola officially introduced the DROID 4. This week, they hacked another $50 off of the price, making it available for $49 through February 6. If this was a sign that the D4 should be upon us at any second now, they I don’t know what it is. If you can live without 4G LTE for 2 more years, then this is a deal worth considering.


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DROID 3 Drops to $99 at Verizon on Heels of DROID 4 Announcement

Now that the DROID 4 is official, it’s time for the DROID 3 to exit off stage. Released in July as one of the more powerful slider Android phones on the market, there was one thing that held it back – the lack of a 4G LTE radio. We gave it mostly positive remarks during our review, but it was tough for many to strongly consider this knowing that the future is LTE. In an attempt to offload remaining inventory, Verizon has dropped the price to $99 on a new 2-year contract.


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DROID 3 and LG Revolution Reaching “End of Life” in January?

According to sources over at The Verge, the DROID 3 and LG Revolution have reached the end of the road. Come January, both will hit “End of Life” status and will not see their stock replenished going forward in stores. This comes as a slight shock seeing as the D3 was released only 6 months ago, but then again, we all know that the DROID 4 could be here any day. As far as the Revolution goes, it’s in the same boat as the D3, meaning it has a successor already in the works, known as the LG Spectrum.

Both were solid devices, but with one not having LTE and the other running 2010-esque specs, neither really stood a chance long term. They will be upstaged by complete devices that have LTE and dual-core processors – “end of life” only seems appropriate.

Now, the real story here is whether or not Verizon will unveil both the DROID 4 and Spectrum at CES. If I were a betting man, I’d consider dropping a couple of bucks on that line.

Via:  The Verge

Working Ice Cream Sandwich Ports Making Their Way To Many Devices

Since the release of the Ice Cream Sandwich source code, the wait for ports of the OS to different devices has begun.  It has been just 2 weeks and we can happily report that many devices (more than expected) already have semi-working builds and that there are others on the way.  In this list of devices with working ports you will find the Motorola XOOM, HTC Thunderbolt, DROID 3, DROID Incredible, and even an alpha build for the DROID Bionic.

ICS for these devices is not 100% yet, but from what we can tell, these builds will start becoming more user friendly in a short time.  If you want to keep track on the work for these devices, follow the links to their homes down below.  (more…)

Potential Permanent Root Method Released for Motorola Devices: Bionic, DROID3, and DROIDX2 Included

A potential permanent root solution has popped up for Motorola devices (including the Bionic, DROID3, and DROIDX2)  that you should be able to complete in about 5 minutes time. You have to be rooted already (instructions), but from there you just need to edit some lines in your “” file using Root Explorer. Now, there is a chance that Moto could (will likely) patch this up in a new update, but you might as well attempt it anyway if you love having root access.   (more…)