DROID2 Gingerbread Update Appears Ready, Changelog Available

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The soak test for the DROID2 Gingerbread update was supposed to start this week – whether that has happened or not, we aren’t sure.  The good news is, that the changelog for the 2.3 update has been made available, which is almost always a good sign that the update is just around the corner for everyone, not just testers.  Unless of course they find some sort of major bug like they did with the DROID Incredible.

As you can see from the screenshot above though, the update is a big one that weighs in at 106MB and will take your Blur build to 4.5.601.  With 2.3, DROID2 users will enjoy new multi-touch keypad shortcuts, the blue Blur, home screen app dock, organizable app drawer, improved battery life, and so much more.

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DROID2 Gingerbread Update Soak Test Set to Begin

Our sources told us back in June that Gingerbread builds for the DROID2, Global and Pro had been pulled while they went back to the drawing board to fix all of the issues that were introduced to the DROIDX through 2.3.  And now that a bugfixer has arrived for the DX, Motorola is ready to start pumping out updates to the all of those devices.  The DROID2 appears to be next, even though the Global version was originally set to receive it first.

Moto started sending out soak test invites to D2 members this morning, which is usually a good sign that we are only a week or two away from it becoming available to everyone.  The test group should receive the update within a few days – the rest of the world shortly thereafter.

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Evolution of DROID: Original DROID vs. DROID2 vs. DROID2 Global vs. DROID3

We just received confirmation that the DROID3 will launch July 7 for direct fill orders and hit stores on the 14, but wanted to also pass along this chart that shows the evolution of the slide-out DROID brand starting all the way back with the OG.  Pretty amazing to think that in under 2 years, we’ve gone from 600MHz to a 1GHz dual-core processor with HDMI mirroring, 1080p recording, a front camera for video chats, and an extra row of number keys yet managed to lose some thickness.

Too bad they couldn’t slip in a 4G LTE radio though…

DROID2 Gets Official CM7, Nightlies Should Start Tonight

DROID2 owners, get ready for nightly builds of the CM7 port that JBirdVegas has been working so diligently on.  According to @cvpcs, they are bringing it all over and will merge it into the CM tree to make it an officially supported device.  It’s already showing up on GitHub under CM, so you’ll want to make sure you have ROM Manager premium for easy access to all of the nightly work that will be done.  Pretty big day for D2 owners who have been feeling a little left out after seeing the DROIDX get both official Gingerbread and CM7 long ago.

Anything to say, D2 owners?

Cheers Brian, Gordon and Christian!

Rumor: Motorola Puts Gingerbread Builds on Hold for DROID2, Global, Etc. to Work Out Bugs

It’s been almost 2 weeks since we first reported that the DROID2 Global‘s Gingerbread (Android 2.3) soak test was about to begin, yet here we sit today without a mass rollout or announcement from Verizon/Moto that the file is available.  Let’s also not forget that the DROID Pro was primed and ready at one point, but has seemingly disappeared from sight.  After the original DROIDX received GB all the way back in May, we were expecting each additional Moto device including the DROID2, DROIDX2, Pro, and Global to start seeing updates right away – except that isn’t happening.

What we’ve been told is that Verizon has now rejected all Gingerbread builds from Moto until they have worked out a number of bugs that came with the DROIDX’s 2.3, a list which seems to be growing by the day.  There is no telling when these will all be ready, but we’re our sources say that Motorola is reassembling teams to get this taken care of.  It could be weeks or months before we start seeing GB on other devices – we really have no idea at this point.

Stay tuned…

Amazon Deal: FREE DROID2 Multimedia Station with Purchase of Car Dock

If you have been on the lookout for a multimedia dock for either your original DROID, DROID2 or D2 Global, then you may want to check out this new deal from Amazon that popped up over the weekend.  All you have to do is purchase a car dock for the device and they’ll toss in the multimedia station for free.  Actually, it looks like they are just discounting the heck out of both of them to make it look like you are getting one free, but whatever – cheap is cheap, right?

You can check out our review of the D2’s multimedia dock here.


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Motorola Employee Confirms Gingerbread Update Headed to DROIDX, DROID Pro, DROID2 and Global, – Finally Fixes ActiveSync Issues

Motorola’s Support forums are alive today with talk of the impending DROIDX Gingerbread (Android 2.3) “soak” that we first reported on over the weekend.  Many users are worried that ActiveSync will still be broken, but Moto employees are assuring us all that it has been fixed this time around.  I’d have attempted to confirm this on all of the leaks, but I’m a Gmail man and will have to rely on all of your input for that in the comments.

What might be even more important though, is the confirmation that the rest of the DROID series that was introduced last year will also all be receiving 2.3 in the near future.  The DX is first (which is not surprising) and will be updated by the “end of the second quarter”, although we’re thinking it’ll be much sooner than that with user testing going on this week.  Afterwards, the DROID Pro and both DROID2’s will receive it some time “before the end of the third quarter.”  And to add to that thought, we’ve been told that almost all of the GB builds for these devices have been completed, but as always is up to VZW to approve them.

Update:  It looks like that Moto employee is probably receiving a firm spankin’ as his comments have been edited by the forums’ manager.  Luckily our friends at Phandroid grabbed a screenshot before it was changed.

Via:  Moto Support, (2)

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