Firefox For Android Tablets Now Enters Nightly Status

If you have been waiting to get your hands on Firefox for your tablet, then now would be an excellent time to download the new nightly build that has just been published by the Mozilla team. The browser app is still in development so you can’t expect perfect results, but you are more than welcome to test it out and report and bugs you come across to the Mozilla team to help aid future development.

The major question everyone has for the Firefox app is, “Does it have Flash?” No, unfortunately it still does not support Flash. So don’t go reporting that as a bug. If you really need Flash there are plenty of alternatives such as Dolphin, or even the Stock browser – but Firefox just looks so gangster. Go try it out.

Firefox for Tablets Nightly APK

Via: Android Guys

Firefox For Android Receives Makeover, Starts Delivering Tools For Developers To Create Richer Web Experiences

Not too long ago, Firefox started a march for a better web experience. Today, Firefox has taken it’s first true step towards that goal. They have updated their Android application, and have given Firefox for Android a very nice face lift, and more importantly, have given developers the tools to build better web applications, and websites.  (more…)

Dolphin Pad Released as the Next Big Android Tablet Browser

The folks over at Dolphin just released the tablet version of their incredibly popular 3rd party Android browser titled, Dolphin Pad.  It’s free, has tabbed browsing, gestures, add-ons, multi-touch, swipe-able sidebars (bookmarks and current tabs), quick User Agent settings, themes, on-demand Flash, and so much more.  I’m not the biggest fan of the stock Honeycomb browser with all of its glorious lag and stuttering, so this couldn’t be more welcomed.  After just a few minutes of time with it, I’d be willing to say that the Dolphin team has put together another winner.   (more…)

Dolphin Browser Introduces HD Version 6.0

Dolphin Browser continues to lead the charge in mobile browsing, and have just released version 6.0. It brings bug fixes, and probably most notably a new logo. Good job, Dolphin. Their gesture feature has always been a big hit, and you’ll definitely notice smoother browsing on 6.0. The biggest feature update is most definitely the “webzine” browsing though, making browsing from your Facebook to Twitter, and back much easier and seamless. We’re sure it holds a few other little tricks for everyone’s enjoyment.  (more…)

Dolphin Apologizes for Releasing Email Addresses of Beta Test Group

Dolphin, one of the more popular browsers on Android, accidentally released a number of email addresses that belonged to members of their beta test group this weekend.  While no passwords or other personal information was included in this screw-up, we did want everyone to know that as a part of the group, your email address could have been made public.  They have offered an apology and an email address ([email protected]) that they can be contacted at in case you had any questions.

Via:  Dolphin

Dolphin Browser HD 5 BETA Released to Public

Remember we told you about the Private Beta Dolphin had? Now’s your chance to pick up the newest and freshest in Android internet browsing. Dolphin has just produced a Public Beta of Version 5 which includes some nifty Innovative UI Changes, Speed Dial Style New Tab, Powerful Bookmarks Sidebar, Subfolder Supported, a Faster Browsing Experience and more Stable Performance.

Feel free to download and let us know what you think. Could possibly be time for another “Browser Poll”?  Is there anything you think all these companies are missing from a mobile browser? Let us know.

Direct Download

Source: Dolphin Browser Blog

Dolphin HD 5 to be Demoed at Google IO, Sign Up to Beta Test it!

Our friends behind the ever-popular Dolphin Browser HD are getting ready to show off their new HD V5.0 at Google I/O this week and asked us if we thought our readers would be interested in beta testing it.  Of course our answer was “Yes!” as we know how much all of you looooove testing a new app.  So here is the deal – it’s Dolphin HD 5, will be shown at Google I/O, has better performance, a new UI, and a ton of new features.  If that sounds sweet, then all you have to do is tell Dolphin why you would be an awesome beta tester and they’ll send you a link on May 10 (tomorrow) to start using it.

How to enter:

  • Follow Dolphin on Twitter or become their fans on Facebook
  • Tell them “Why would you be a good Dolphin HD v5.0 beta tester?”, using hashtag #dolphinhd5 and should @dolphinbrowser  if you choose leave message on twitter.
  • According to your reasons, they will pick the most persuasive messages and the corresponding followers or fans to be their beta version testers.
  • Don’t forget to leave your email address to them when you send them the short messages, so that they can contact you directly
  • They will send you the download link around May 10.

More info.

And don’t forget, we are also on Twitter and Facebook.  [shameless]


Dolphin X-mas Gift is a New Holiday-inspired Theme

Remember that X-mas gift that Dolphin was preparing for us?  It’s a happy new Christmas theme for you all to enjoy!  I know, I know, we were hoping Dolphin had some inside scoop on a mass Gingerbread release date or winning lottery numbers, but that isn’t the case.  If you want to show some holiday spirit though, then feel free to grab this add-on from the market for free.

Download Link

Cheers Brian and everyone else!