Dolphin Browser Sets Eyes on International Browser Market, Forms Anti-Google Alliance With Top Search Engines

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Everyone knows that the US browser market is currently dominated by Google and Apple, but in emerging and continually developing markets, those companies’ hold is not nearly as strong. With this in mind, Dolphin Browser, a popular third-party web browser app that is available for Android devices, has partnered up with some of the world’s leading search engines to form an Anti-Google Alliance. (more…)

Dolphin Browser Reaches Version 10, Features New Interface and Web App Store


One of the OG Android web browser apps that we used to hype back in the day, Dolphin Browser, received a big update to version 10 today. Whether you continue to use Dolphin after the introduction of Chrome for Android or you are somehow stuck with the stock Android Browser application, it is nice to see big time continuation of development for this app. It still has a massive amount of users and it continues to be a good choice for browsing the web.  (more…)

Thursday Poll: What Is Your Most Used Android Web Browser

Last night on the DL Show, we quickly discussed the many options that Android users have in terms of Internet browser applications. In fact, there are a ton of good choices out there. You have Chrome, which has become very popular for syncing between multiple devices, Dolphin for its large list of features, Opera for its speed, and the list goes on. Each seems to have its own unique characteristic that people are drawn to.

Let us know down below which one you’re stuck on.

Which Internet browser do you currently use on your Android device?

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Dolphin Browser HD Updated – New Menu Bar, Redesigned Gesture and Sonar, and More


The classic Dolphin Browser HD has just received a pretty handsome update to version 8.0. Included in this new build are a few features that people may have been clamoring for lately. Finally, there is a menu bar on the bottom of the browser, a remodeled side panel that is easily navigable with add-ons and doesn’t confuse everyone to death, and a pretty little Dolphin button that resides permanently on the screen for easy access to gestures and Dolphin’s Sonar. Along with the features, Dolphin is working out more and more kinks to make the mobile browsing experience as enjoyable and seamless as possible.

Which browser has everyone been resorting to these days? Dolphin? Stock? ICS Browser+?

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Quick ICS Browser – More Custom Quick Controls for All Your Surfing Needs

Yes that is right, another Ice Cream Sandwich web browser. With so many choices out there like Chrome for Android, ICS Browser Plus, and Dolphin, it may seem a bit overwhelming and frustrating when trying to choose one that suits you. Quick ICS Browser is just like the stock ICS browser that comes with the Galaxy Nexus, but with a ton of added features to help maximize your experience.

With custom quick controls and gestures, you can easily share pages through whichever app you choose, refresh web pages, add bookmarks, and quickly browse the Internet. From just an hour surfing sites, there is no doubt that this browser shall be replacing Chrome on my device until I find something better. And yes, it supports Flash Player.

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Cheers Patrick!

Tuesday Poll: Thoughts on Chrome Beta for Android? Your New Browser?

Chrome Beta for Android was completely unexpected and sort of took the tech world by storm this afternoon. We gave our first impressions on it, talk about a couple of issues that may or may not be addressed, praised it in a number of ways, and are more than likely going to make it our daily browser. After all, there is a good chance that this will become the official Android browser before long. It doesn’t have Flash support though, and according to Adobe, it may never. Is that a killer for you? Will you stick with another browser option or have you already made Chrome your default?

Has Chrome already become your browser of choice?

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Evernote and Skitch Add-Ons Now Available For Dolphin Browser

We love it when companies can team up to provide users with an exceptional experience. One of the most popular 3rd-party web broswers, Dolphin Browser, has got together with Evernote and Skitch to bring new add-ons to their browser. The Skitch add-on allows for you to draw on any webpage, then send and share it anywhere you would like. It adds an excellent way of personalizing something for a friend or just doodling for fun.

The Evernote addition will let users take any piece of a page they’re viewing and save it to the cloud for later use. You will have access to it in your Evernote account anywhere you are. Dolphin says they have a ton of other great add-ons planned for 2012, so we’ll keep you posted.

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Via: Dolphin Blog

Dolphin Browser Introduces Dolphin Companion To Help Save Your Phone’s Battery Life

The folks over at Dolphin know that our device’s battery life is our biggest concern. What good is a web browser with flash capability if my battery life takes a crash on me within minutes of using it? Dolphin Companion to the rescue!  Without having to leave your browser,  Dolphin Companion offers system setting preferences which will hopefully boost your device’s life.

Offered are three different profiles to help your phone last as long as possible:

Extreme profile: For the most extreme circumstances, such as being stuck in an avalanche with almost frozen fingers, 6% remaining battery life and dismal network connection. This is the least battery-consumption mode which immediately turns your smartphone to receive only Call and SMS functions and no data connectivity.

Balanced profile: For the more balanced, less extreme lifestyles that have constant and regular access to charging outlets. This is the default mode with all call and SMS functions and power sucking data connectivity is switched on so you can browse whatever and whenever.

Normal profile: Don’t want to optimize your battery life? Dolphin will keep it as normal.

Feel like giving it a go with your Dolphin Browser? It is not available on the Market yet, but you can download and install as you would any 3rd-party app here. You will have to install Dolphin HD in order to get this to work though.

Via: Dolphin Browser Blog