Dolphin Browser HD Updated “for the coming Christmas gift”?

Huh?  The “coming Christmas gift”?  In the newest update to Dolphin HD that came out this morning, those exact words are found in the “Recently changed” items list and we demand to know what they mean!  Are they talking about Gingerbread?  The Nexus S?  Something bigger and better?  What!

We’re digging for more, but in the mean time, feel free to drop your ideas in the comments below!

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Dolphin Browser Mini Lands in Market

A little over a week ago, we wrote about Dolphin’s new Mini browser, which was the company’s attempt at making the ultimate light browsing experience.  At that time it was still in “preview” mode, but as of last night, it became semi-official and is now available in the market.  From just a few minutes with it, I don’t see any major differences between this and the preview version, but you’ll want to grab the market version to make sure you get prompted for updates.

And if you are new to Dolphin, you’ll want to check out the chart below.


Dolphin Browser Mini Wants to be the Fastest Android Browser Ever

Dolphin, one of the most popular browsers in the history of Android, is taking a new approach to mobile internet greatness.  They hope to make one of the lightest and fastest browsers ever with their new Dolphin Browser Mini.  The app is still in “preview” stage, but is polished enough for you to give it a spin.  The whole idea behind this new Mini version was to make it clean, simple, and really fast.  Did they accomplish all that?  Download it for yourself and tell us!   (more…)

Thursday Poll: What is your favorite Android Browser?

How have we not asked this question yet?  Shame on us.  With so many quality options out there for your Android browsing pleasure, we’d love to hear what your favorite is.  Is it Skyfire and their interesting take on Flash videos?  Firefox and their ever-evolving mobile version?  Dolphin, the standard?  Is xScope the innovator?  Or are we missing something fabulous altogether?

Let us know which browser you prefer, but beyond that, we want to know why it’s your favorite.  Why is this the browser for you?  If you could change anything in a browser, what would it be?

What is your favorite Android Browser?

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Dolphin Browser Updates to “Fix UI Compatibility Issues with Android 2.3”?

Well there is an interesting screenshot to start a Monday morning with.  One of the top browser applications just received an update and claims to have been needed in order to support Gingerbread aka Android 2.3.  Apparently the folks behind Dolphin Browser have had a chance to work a little with the newest version of Android and noticed that their app needed some UI tweaking in order to play nicely.

There were initial rumors of an expected user interface (UI) overhaul with the release of Gingerbread, but all of the current screenshots floating around in the wild don’t seem to show much.  Or maybe we’ve just been teased?  And if app makers like these are getting their hands on 2.3, is it time for Google to release it already?

Anyone have a guess as to what UI issues they ran into?

Cheers Seth and godfrey!

New Dolphin Add-ons Allow for Flash File Downloads, Browsing while Listening to

One of our favorite browsers, Dolphin HD (and supporting vendors) has released 2 new add-ons which will help change your browsing experience in an exciting way.  The first is the ability to download Flash content from web pages straight to your SD card and the other is the ability to now stream and browse the web at teh same time.  Yay!

Download Flash file in the webpage.
*Automatic detection of existing flash files in webpage, you can download them selectively.
*Downloaded Flash files will be saved to SD card, allowing you to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Listen to when browsing
*Open a personal radio station on your phone.
*When you browse the web, you can listen to at the same time.


Flash Files           |     

Via:  Dolphin Facebook

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Dolphin Browser HD Released

Secretly, I’ve been playing with the Dolphin Browser HD for a couple of weeks now  (I know, shame on me for not sharing) and I’ll just say that it is definitely a browser worth your time.  The tabbed browsing of previous Dolphin browsers has always been fantastic, but the new HD version adds some extra UI flair.  A side-to-side swipe lets you quickly view tabs, you can toss in “add-ons”, download Youtube videos, multi-touch that actually works and so much more.

If the stock browser is starting to become a bore, then I would highly suggest you check this new Dolphin HD out for a couple of days.  While previous versions of Dolphin were not always high on my list of browsers, this one definitely cracks the top 3.

Oh, it’s only for 2.0+ devices.

And here is a tutorial from Dolphin…



Download Link

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