Official G-Shock Phone Runs Android and Can Survive a 10 Foot Drop, Is Also Incredibly Ugly

Oh my. We thought the Casio G’z0ne was a beast of a phone, and then someone sent us the official G-Shock device that was apparently shown at CES a couple of weeks ago. It clearly runs Android, is reportedly able to hang under water up to 10 meters, can withstand a 10 foot drop, and can hold up a full ton of weight. It might be the ugliest thing on the planet, but you can’t tell me that you don’t want one to go trudge around in the woods with one, acting like a real man.  (more…)

This is Probably Not the Samsung Galaxy SIII, But It’s Fun to Imagine That it is

During Samsung’s 2012 CES press event, a number of their new products were on display including their point-and-shoot camera lineup. While walking through the demo of them, the Sammie representative on stage kicked off a video, showing that you will soon be able to remotely control things like zooming and picture taking from your smartphone. The phone that was used in the video has got the tech world all excited this morning, as it appears to be some sort of ultra-thin Galaxy S device. Could it be the Galaxy SIII?

Chances are that it is not. Sure, the device has an edge-to-edge screen, is unbelievably thin, and includes that famous physical home key (that we wish would disappear forever) – all things we expect to see on the SGS3. But if you continue to watching past the quick viewfinder demo, a Galaxy SII appears on the screen. This phone is likely just a render and nothing official. We should know for sure next month at Mobile World Congress.

Hit up the 7:00 mark to see the phone in action.   (more…)

CES 2012 Round-up: A Whole Bunch of the Same Alongside One Shining 7″ Quad-core Tablet

The DL team left Las Vegas Friday afternoon, after a week long journey from press room to convention center to booth to party to bed to everything all over again. It was the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in case you were wondering – a gathering of 140,000+ tech industry players, that happens every year in the desert. It’s a time for companies to tell the world what they have in store for the coming year. Some of it “wows!” while most of it leaves you wondering why on Earth anyone would ever need such a product. This year, we had had one from that first category, followed by a bunch of stuff that a few may need, and most may never lose any sleep over not having.  (more…)

Friday Poll: Most Memorable Moment From CES 2012?

And we are off to the airport, officially closing out our time at CES 2012. While we will have a recap of sorts later on, I did want to say that I’m coming away a little disappointed. This wasn’t even close to the CES of 2011 where we saw the introduction dual-core processors, the first wave of tablets, 4G LTE and more. It sort of felt like an in between year for mobile technology, at least at this event. From what we heard throughout the week, MWC in February could be massive.

We still want to ask though, if you came away impressed by anything? Was their a best moment of CES for you? Are Verizon’s new LTE phones top tier or so-so? Are their too many tablets on the market now, or not enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

i’m Watch – The Newest Android Watch On The Streets Is Here, Finally

Smartphones are so 2011.  This year it’s all about the smartwatch.  If you have been looking to combine your watch and your smartphone, then definitely give i’m Watch a look.  i’m Watch has combined all your phone features into a classy looking watch that fits just perfectly right on your wrist.  With a dedicated Bluetooth connection, i’m Watch can make calls, check emails, and all the other great features you would expect from a smart device.

The watch was designed in Italy and it shows.  With classy colors and silicone bands, the i’m Watch is definitely a conversation starter with anyone next to you.  Depending on which color options and materials you choose, price varies.  But the pricing starts at about $350.  The watch runs Android 1.6 and I don’t think it’s the type of device that you should worry about being updated to Ice Cream Sandwich anytime soon. Gallery down below followed by a link to i’m Watches site.  (more…)

Quick First Look: Toshiba’s 2012 Line of Tablets, Including a 13.3-Inch Beast


In our last booth tour of the week, we hung out with the folks from Toshiba to see what they have in store for 2012. There were 4 tablets on display, some that will come to the U.S., others that will stay over in Japan. The most eye-popping was clearly the 13.3″ behemoth that you are seeing above. It current remains nameless and has a mystery list of specs, but our mind is already running through ways to put such a massive portable tablet in action. Assuming of course that it is portable at that size. It had all of the standard ports such as micro-HDMI and USB. There were dual cameras and a similar back material to what you will find on the Excite X10.

To see more of the beast, along with the rest of their 2012 works, jump past the break.   (more…)

Quick First Look: Lenovo and Intel’s Medfield Android Phone

The Intel booth marked one of our last stops here at CES 2012, and what better way to start wrapping things up than by looking at one of the future chipsets you will see in Android phones this year. It’s called Intel’s “Medfield” processor and is a single-core chip clocked at 1.6GHz. Don’t let the single-core part throw you though, so far from some of the benchmarks we have seen around the interwebs, this thing looks powerful enough.

For demo and display purposes, they slapped it into a Lenovo casing that may or may not ever see the light of day here in the States. The device itself ran Android 2.3 and had an 8MP camera that Intel’s chip was able to use to shoot up to 15 pictures within a single second. It also ran some of the more processor intensive games on the market without a hiccup.

We listened and watched a live demo of the device for a few minutes, but then quickly grabbed it to see how it performed. What did we think? Tough to have any strong opinions on it since this was really just a dev device, but the design that Lenovo went with was decent. The fact that the camera can take burst shots in a single second is a bonus, along with the fact that this processor is supposed to use far less energy than some of its competitors.

Pics after the break, including details on Medfield.   (more…)

Video: Corning Introduces Gorilla Glass 2 At Their 2012 CES Booth

We have been hearing all sorts of good news about Corning’s newest creation: Gorilla Glass 2. Surrounding the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) are ads and posters promoting Gorilla Glass 2 that is 20% thinner and even stronger than the previous version of Gorilla Glass.  Down below we have filmed Corning’s full product demo that happened right at their booth.  (more…)