Casio G’z0ne Commando Receives Push-to-Talk in Update

Talk about a day of Verizon updates, right? First we received word from a number of readers that both RAZRs and the XOOM LTE were seeing new builds. Then we noticed that the XYBOARD tablets were also scheduled to receive their first updates within the next couple of days. And now another reader awoke to a nice Casio G’z0ne Commando update that gives him push-to-talk abilities.

He said that the update only bumped him to Android 2.3.3, but you can tell that Verizon slipped in enough bug fixes to make this pretty significant. And the fact that they added push-to-talk after the phone has been on the market for so long is actually very cool. Who knew you could add such a service so far down the road. Why they didn’t release the phone with push-to-talk from the beginning is beyond me – seems like it would have been another selling point.

The update is 35.9MB in size.

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Official G-Shock Phone Runs Android and Can Survive a 10 Foot Drop, Is Also Incredibly Ugly

Oh my. We thought the Casio G’z0ne was a beast of a phone, and then someone sent us the official G-Shock device that was apparently shown at CES a couple of weeks ago. It clearly runs Android, is reportedly able to hang under water up to 10 meters, can withstand a 10 foot drop, and can hold up a full ton of weight. It might be the ugliest thing on the planet, but you can’t tell me that you don’t want one to go trudge around in the woods with one, acting like a real man.  (more…)

Focus Group Reveals Casio 4G LTE Quad-core Phone, Clam Shell Devices, and New Phone Protection Tech

A reader of DL was fortunate enough to spend some time in a focus group within the last couple of days and came away with a spec list for a Casio phone that may actually interest some of you. There were other devices on display including a set of clam shells, but we will get to those in a minute. Remember, that our reader is going off of pure memory here, as focus groups almost never allow you to bring in a phone (for obvious reasons). He also mentioned that most of the phones were headed to Verizon.    (more…)

Verizon’s Rugged Beast the Casio Commando Receives Update

Every time I type the words “Casio g’z0ne Commando” I feel like throwing on some wet gear, boots, CamelBak, and crushing the wilderness. It just looks like some kind of a “man” phone. Funny thing is, our reader who tipped us to the update said that “his wife’s” phone is the one that received it.

So what’s included? A security patch, better proximity sensor interaction, native email app fixes, Netflix compatibility added, and 3D city downloads through VZ Navigator.

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Casio G’Zone Commando is Getting Updated to Gingerbread

The rugged Casio G’z0ne Commando is scheduled to receive its Gingerbread (Android 2.3) update in the very near future.  A friend just sent over this support document that details the upgrade before it goes live on Verizon’s site.  For the most part, the update looks like a bug fixer, but we know that 2.3 will make it buttery smooth just as it did the Thunderbolt.

For those of you running wild in the woods with a Commando by your side, be sure to get to an area that has service soon so that your phone can get in on the GB party.

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Verizon Continues with Lowered Full Retail Pricing, DROID Incredible 2 at just $439

Just 2 weeks ago, one of our astute readers noticed that full retail prices on smartphones at Verizon seemed to have dropped significantly over night, leading many of us to wonder if this was the new pricing model now that 1-year contracts had been eliminated.  Big Red was quick to deny any connection between these lowered prices and their approach to contracts, but it is looking like this new lowered pricing is here to stay.  The brand spankin’ new DROID Incredible 2 which comes out this Thursday, will launch at just $439 without a contract, according to the employee flyer you are seeing above.

While many of us weren’t excited to see 1-year contracts go, it’s hard to be too disappointed in this new approach to full retail pricing.  We may only have two options when buying a phone now, but at least Big Red appears to have met us somewhere in the middle.

Change anyone’s mind on the Incredible 2?

Via:  TheDroidGuy

Casio G’z0ne Also Announced, Headed to Verizon April 28 for $199

Such a rugged beast.  The Casio G’z0ne is also headed to Verizon on Thursday, April 28 for $199, making outdoor fanatics feel slightly more Bear Grylls-ish.  The G’z0ne will be available for $199 on 2-year contract, meets military standards for Immersion, Rain, Shock, etc., runs Android 2.2, has a 5MP camera and is about as secure as you’ll find any phone.   (more…)

DROID Incredible 2 and Casio G’Zone Demo Units Arrive in Stores, First Shots of Retail Packaging?

Live demo units!  And retail packaging!  (Maybe)  That’s right, the DROID Incredible 2 and the manly Casio G’z0ne are in stores awaiting their April 28 launch.  And actually, you could probably sneak into a store this weekend and coerce a VZW employee into letting you play with one if you can’t wait another 6 days.

For those not familiar with the G’z0ne, this is the outdoorsy phone we broke news on just 2 days ago.  It’s essentially the toughest little Android 2.2 device we’ve ever seen.  If you want a full spec list for it, you can check it after the break along with a bunch of extra Incredible 2 pics.   (more…)