AT&T Launches Advanced Messaging and Video Calling

This morning, AT&T announced that it has added Advanced Messaging and Video Calling to its Rich Communication Services (RCS) platform. The new additions join Voice-over-LTE (VoLTE), HD Voice, WiFi Calling, and NymberSync.

With Advanced Messaging, users can send larger files (up to 10MB), but will also know when messages are delivered, read, and when someone is typing a reply. It’s basically a more robust texting experience that you already get through other messaging platforms.  (more…)

Sprint’s “Biggest Wireless Offer in History” Slashes Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile Plans by 50%

Yesterday, we told you that Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure had a big announcement to make. This morning, he made it in the form of a 50% off deal if you bring your number to Sprint from AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile. Sprint is calling it the “Biggest Wireless Offer in U.S. History.”

I would call the deal simple, but I took a look at the mile-long terms and am not so sure anything about this could be simple, especially when you start talking about cutting prices in half from three different carriers who all offer wildly different plans at varying prices and with different amounts of data. So here is the deal, in the simplest terms I can explain it.  (more…)

Video: Samsung Galaxy View Hands-on and First Impressions

The Galaxy View tablet from Samsung, available on November 20 from AT&T, is large. There’s nothing else to say about its size. The device features an 18.4″ Full HD display, powered by a Exynos octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM. We received a unit from AT&T, preloaded with all of the DIRECTV and NFL Sunday Ticket goodies, so allow me to share my first impressions with you.  (more…)

Samsung Galaxy View Available at AT&T on November 20, Starts at $99 With DIRECTV Agreement

Beginning Friday, November 20, folks can head into AT&T and pick up the Galaxy View from Samsung, starting at just $99 on a qualifying agreement. The Galaxy View is a crazy-big 18.4″ tablet that allows folks to ditch the norm, who don’t mind consuming mass amounts of media straight from their lap or coffee table.

Given AT&T’s direct relationship to DIRECTV, the company is preloading its TV service on the device, and for a limited time, you can pick up the Galaxy View at a largely discounted rate if you sign up for DIRECTV at the time of purchase. For new customers who sign a two-year service agreement through DIRECTV, you can buy the Galaxy View for just $99. Existing DIRECTV customers that activate a new line with a smartphone on AT&T Next can also get the Galaxy View for $99.99, with a two-year wireless agreement.  (more…)

LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE Arrives at AT&T and Verizon November 13 and 19

Last night, Google announced official cellular support for Android Wear almost at the exact same time that LG gave a firm launch date for its cellular connected watch, the Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE. The new Watch Urbane arrives at at AT&T stores tomorrow, November 13, and is also up for pre-order starting today at Verizon. The wearable arrives at Verizon stores on November 19.

How much will you pay for the new Watch Urbane at either? At AT&T, it’s actually a pretty reasonable $299 if you buy it at full retail. At Verizon, you are looking at $499. Why the $200 price difference from one to the next, I don’t know – it’s the same watch.  (more…)