AT&T Customers Also Getting C-Band Speed Boost


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Earlier in the week, Verizon announced that customer 5G UWB data speeds would see an increase thanks to full access to the total amount of 5G C-band spectrum it bought back in 2021. Following that news, AT&T has confirmed the exact same, meaning more people in urban markets, such as San Francisco and Austin, will be seeing increased speeds almost immediately.

Speaking to CNET this week, AT&T says that access to the spectrum is ahead of schedule, allowing the carrier to double its available C-band spectrum for deployment. Thanks to retuning of previously deployed spectrum in its original locations, customers should notice increased speeds, more consistency, and a better overall experience on the network.

Just a few of the improved locations should be Boston, Miami, LA, New York and Seattle, but in total,¬†AT&T says that it now has access to, “a minimum 100 megahertz of total mid-band spectrum in the contiguous United States and an average of 120 Mhz nationwide; that’s bandwidth in every available city, 406 locations in all.”

To put this in layman’s, it’s great news for customers. C-band spectrum is what’s known as mid-band spectrum, which is essentially the Goldilocks area for spectrum. It’s right in the middle. It reaches further than mmW 5G (the fastest), but is much better/faster than the average low-band 5G most people are likely connected to when traveling this great country of ours. More C-band, whether it’s AT&T or Verizon, is good. For additional info, Kellen wrote more details when Verizon announced this news earlier in the week.

Enjoy those speeds.




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