How to: Change Launchers on the HTC One (M8)

The new HTC One (M8) runs HTC’s BlinkFeed launcher out of the box. It’s not a bad OEM launcher, but if you aren’t a fan of BlinkFeed and also want custom icon pack support in a launcher that carries a much more classic Android appearance, a 3rd party launcher should be installed immediately. Since the One (M8) is an Android device, getting a 3rd party launcher up and running isn’t all that difficult – download one you like, run it, and be on your way.

Should you be the type that often switches between multiple launchers through Android 4.4’s (Kit Kat) new Home toggle, we wanted to make sure you knew where to find it on HTC’s new flagship. It’s not in the typical Settings>Home location that you would see with a stock Android device and is instead tucked into HTC’s Personalize menu.

To access the Home launcher switcher, either follow the video below or cruise into Settings>Personalize>Home screen, and then tap the launcher you want to use.  (more…)

Apex Launcher Sees Update to Version 2.0 – Badge Style Options and Folders in the App Drawer Included

apex launcher

Apex Launcher, one of the most popular apps on Android, received a major update this afternoon to version 2.0. In the update for the free version, users will see options to tweak vibration durations, an improved wallpaper picker, a re-organized settings menu, updated translations, and various fixes and other improvements. If you own the Pro version ($3.99), you’ll have access to folders in the app drawer, integration with Apex Notifier, and style options for notification badges. Again, it’s a solid update for one of the top launchers in the game.  (more…)

Action Launcher Arrives on Google Play for $4, a Minimal Launcher to Say the Least

Today, a new 3rd party launcher called Action Launcher is making the rounds. It’s from the creator of Tweet Lanes, one of the more popular Twitter apps available. This new launcher runs $4 in Google Play, a price similar to Nova Prime or Apex, only it has about a tenth of the features. Now, that may not be a bad thing for those looking to dive into an ultra minimal and fast launcher. Let’s talk about it. (more…)

Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher Receive Updates, Jelly Bean Enhancements and More

For anyone that uses the Apex or Nova third party launchers, you can go pick up their updates in Google Play this morning. For Nova, there are a ton of fixes and it also adds in some Jelly Bean goodies and “Project Butter” improvements. As for Apex, it’s pretty much the same. Lots of fixes, Jelly Bean improvements, but it also adds the ability to force the tablet UI on your homescreens.

As a note, there are reports that the Apex Launcher update has something wrong with it and is force closing a lot. You can rest assured that the developer is working on a fix and will release an update as soon as humanly possible.

Nova Launcher | Apex Launcher 

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Apex Launcher Beta Updated to Jelly Bean Base, Brings the Speed and Customizations

Apex Launcher lovers can pick up the newest beta build that was released yesterday. Inside is a load of new stuff and the entire app has been rebuilt on top of the Jelly Bean base code. You will notice speed increases across the launcher and many other features that JB brought like widgets auto-moving when placing them on homescreens and auto-resizing when there’s no more space available. You can take a peak at the full changelog down below.  (more…)

Apex Launcher Pro Finally Hits the Google Play Store


Back in the Gingerbread (and even Froyo) days, there was this original battle between top launchers that we followed ever so closely. For a lengthy period of time, you were either a LauncherPro guy or an ADW EX guy. Both were amazing launchers, but you couldn’t deny that each had their die-hard base of users. After a while, we saw new players enter the market such as GO Launcher and a few others, but for the most part, those two dominated the field. Now with Ice Cream Sandwich, we are seeing a similar battle play out in front of our eyes. You are either a Nova Launcher user or an Apex Launcher user. For fans of Apex, today is a great day as the “Pro” version has been released to the market Google Play Store.

Almost 2 weeks ago, the newest beta of Apex was released and included many of the features that would become exclusive to the pro version. So if your beta expired (and it should have), your best chance to keep current is going to be through this new release. At $3.99, it’s not cheap, but it’s also not expensive. Devs who do this high quality of work need to be rewarded.  (more…)

Apex Launcher Beta Released, Widgets in Dock and Two Finger Gestures Added

Last week, a new beta version of Apex launcher was posted on the XDA forums that shows off what features we have to look forward to in the pro version of the launcher. The beta will expire on April 20, so try and get some good use in before time runs out. Inside the new beta is a gang of new features. In fact, there are so many features, we’re going to copy and paste the changelog right here:

Note: You may request a free evaluation license from the settings.

  • Added pinch in gesture option
  • Added launch shortcut option for gestures
  • Added vertical dock margin option
  • Multiple configurable drawer tabs (pro)
  • Unread count notifications (pro)
  • Dock swipe gestures (pro)
  • Two finger gestures (pro)
  • More transition effects for homescreen and drawer (pro)
  • Batch add option for folders (pro)
  • Option to merge folder contents (pro)
  • Widgets in dock (pro)
  • Overlapping widgets (pro)
  • Some bugfixes

If you want to give the new version a go, just download and install as you would any other 3rd-party application. After our initial use, we must say it is as smooth as butter. And with the added swiping abilities, it has become our new favorite launcher. That is, until the next best launcher comes out.

Download: Apex Launcher Beta

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