Apex Launcher Beta Released, Widgets in Dock and Two Finger Gestures Added

Last week, a new beta version of Apex launcher was posted on the XDA forums that shows off what features we have to look forward to in the pro version of the launcher. The beta will expire on April 20, so try and get some good use in before time runs out. Inside the new beta is a gang of new features. In fact, there are so many features, we’re going to copy and paste the changelog right here:

Note: You may request a free evaluation license from the settings.

  • Added pinch in gesture option
  • Added launch shortcut option for gestures
  • Added vertical dock margin option
  • Multiple configurable drawer tabs (pro)
  • Unread count notifications (pro)
  • Dock swipe gestures (pro)
  • Two finger gestures (pro)
  • More transition effects for homescreen and drawer (pro)
  • Batch add option for folders (pro)
  • Option to merge folder contents (pro)
  • Widgets in dock (pro)
  • Overlapping widgets (pro)
  • Some bugfixes

If you want to give the new version a go, just download and install as you would any other 3rd-party application. After our initial use, we must say it is as smooth as butter. And with the added swiping abilities, it has become our new favorite launcher. That is, until the next best launcher comes out.

Download: Apex Launcher Beta

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Apex Launcher Leaves Beta, Now Available in the Google Play Store

We just wrote up an article on Apex Launcher’s awesomeness, and now it can be downloaded straight from Google Play. Folks who are already in love with our other favorite launcher, Nova, may find that Apex has a few features more than its competition. But when it comes down to it, which launcher you choose is all based on preference and there is no wrong choice.

Market Link 

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Apex Launcher – Another Great Home Replacement for Ice Cream Sandwich Devices

There is no question that there are plenty of great launchers out there for Android users. But it seems that every time we post about Nova Launcher that was built specifically for Ice Cream Sandwich devices, there is someone that brings up the Apex Launcher. So we have checked it out and can now see why so many people were bringing it up. With even more customization options than Nova has at the moment, then there was no way we weren’t going to recommend this launcher.  (more…)