AOKP’s Roman Birg Joins Cyanogen Inc, Will Still Make Contributions to the Kang Project

Last night on Twitter, it was made official that AOKP’s main face Roman Birg, was departing his current “roll” and taking up a new position within Cyanogen Inc. in Seattle. We have talked with Roman in the past during a Tato Series interview, and you can tell that he is a bright mind, which is a good fit for the CM crew. The exact nature of his new roll within CM is still unclear, but we can assume it has something to do with the development of features within the ROM itself. Whatever it may be, we wish him luck.  (more…)

AOKP Updated to Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat,” Nightlies Now Available For Select Devices

If you’re into flashing ROMs and tinkering with your Android device, it may please you to know that the prominent Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) has now started delivering official nightly builds of their Android 4.4.2 “Kit Kat” ROM to a small group of devices.

AOKP is one of the last major ROMs to be updated to Kit Kat, with heavy-hitters CyanogenMod and OMNI already up to date. One notable absentee from the 4.4 game, however, is Paranoid Android, with their “PA 4.0” release currently in beta.  (more…)

Builds of Paranoid Android and AOKP are up for Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4

verizon galaxy s4

As recent buyers of the Galaxy S4 on Verizon are receiving their devices, it’s about that time to start rooting and ROM’ing! If you are currently looking for the newest builds of the community’s most popular custom ROMs, you will be happy to learn that both Paranoid Android and AOKP have unofficial nightly and beta builds up for flashing.  (more…)

New AOKP Milestone Releases Start Rolling Out, New “AOKPush” App Keeps Track of Newest Builds (Updated)

aokp logo

The new “milestone” release from the Android Open Kang Project (AOKP) is starting to roll out today. So far, we’re seeing builds available for most Nexus phones including toro (Verizon Galaxy Nexus), toroplus (Sprint Galaxy Nexus), mako (Nexus 4), and maguro (GSM Galaxy Nexus). We’re told that a post detailing the full changelog is in the works, but for now, you can expect changes to the nav/statusbar for tablets, “rewritten” RomControl, custom toggles, and a ton of bug fixes.

To grab the latest builds for your devices, hit up the source link below.  (more…)

First AOKP Build Running Off Android 4.2.2 is Up for Flashing

aokp logo

This morning, the first AOKP build built off Android 4.2.2 has been uploaded and posted for everyone’s enjoyment. The build focuses mainly on bug fixes and a smooth merge from Android 4.2.1. Additionally, more devices such as the Motorola DROID 3, DROID 4, RAZR, and Bionic are also getting in on the Jelly Bean fun thanks to new maintainers, dhacker, Hashcode, and Quan. Good work, fellas!  (more…)

Custom ROM Monday: AOKP JB-MR1 Build 3 and Paranoid Android 3+


Custom ROM’s are still a large part of this community, with two of the top dogs being AOKP and Paranoid Android for a multitude of devices. If you are currently running one of their previous builds, then it looks like it is time to update.

Over the weekend, a release candidate for Paranoid Android 3+ was uploaded to XDA, along with an extremely awesome/in-depth hands-on video giving an overview of the ROM and its features such as hybrid property settings. These settings allow you to change the layout of the entire device and for individual apps. For example, you can use the tablet UI for the Gmail app if you so choose and any other app that is compatible. Definitely watch the video if you are prepared for your mind to be blown.  (more…)

AOKP JB-MR1 Build 2 Released, Fancy Call Stats Feature Baked In

Call Stats AOKP

Yesterday, the AOKP team released JB-MR1 Build 2 for their many followers. Inside the newest build, which is built atop Android 4.2.1, are a ton of new features such as enhancements to the boot animation picker, custom NavBar background colors, and a brand new feature called Call Statistics. With Call Stats, you can get an in-depth look at phone usage such as filtering dates, pie charts showing incoming/outgoing usage, and more.

The full list of new features is below.  (more…)