Amazon’s Prime Music Stations Comes to Android

Prime Music Stations, the exclusive place to access tons of ad-free music playlists for Prime members from Amazon, can now be accessed straight from your Android devices.

To clarify, Amazon Music could already be accessed through a dedicated app on Google Play, which gave users the ability to stream plenty of their favorite songs, but now, members can dive into pre-made playlists of Pop, Rock, Classical, or any other station they may fancy.  (more…)

Amazon Echo Receives Update, Brings Support for MLB Scores and Pandora Radio

The Amazon Echo, Amazon’s cylindrical computing device, capable of telling you the weather and adding things to your shopping list, received an update today. In the update, Alexa – Amazon’s name for the voice that speaks to you – can give you sports scores for the MLB and MLS, as well as play radio stations straight from Pandora.  (more…)