Amazon Announces 4K Fire TV, Game Edition, and Fire TV Stick With Voice

This morning, Amazon went H.A.M. on a bunch of new Fire products. They introduced us to new Fire tablets (more here) and a couple of revamped Fire TV products. Most notably, we have the brand new Fire TV with 4K support, best-in-class WiFi, built-in Alexa (the brain behind Echo), and a microSD slot. Along with the new Fire TV, Amazon also announced a new Fire TV Stick with a voice remote (pictured below), so that Stick owners can also get into the Alexa spirit.  (more…)

Amazon Announces $50 Fire Tablet, Larger Fire HD Tablets

This morning, Amazon announced a new lineup of tablet devices, all set to release at the end of the month. First up, we have the Fire, a $50 tablet that features specs any budget-minded consumer can get behind. The Fire features a 7″ IPS display (1024 x 600), quad-core processor, front and back-facing camera, microSD slot for up to 128GB of storage, access to Amazon Underground, plus a redesigned interface called Bellini.

The Fire can be purchased as a single device, priced at $50 (pre-order starts today), or you can choose to purchase a 6-pack of Fire tablets for under $250. Yeah, you can buy Amazon tablets in bulk now.  (more…)

Deal: Jawbone UP3 is Just $119 Today Only ($60 Off)

The Jawbone UP3 is discounted today through Amazon by $60, dropping it to just $119. That’s a heck of a deal for a fitness tracker that not only looks great compared to others, but isn’t a giant nuisance to your wrist as it tracks your heart rate, sleep, steps, calories, etc.

I’ve used a handful of fitness trackers over the years and have found myself settling into Jawbone’s UP line. I’m currently using an UP2, but am actually thinking of taking Amazon up on this deal because the UP3 offers heart rate tracking.

Amazon Link  (more…)

Case Makers are Spamming Amazon With Nexus 5 (2015) Renders That May or May Not be Legit

Since we are potentially getting close to the launch of new Nexus phones, case makers are doing that thing where they start pre-selling cases for yet-to-be-announced phones to generate buzz, get their name out there, and hopefully sell a bunch of cases to suckers. But not only that, they are doing that thing where they supposedly reveal the phone’s design before its creator can. Like, check out the image above from casemaker Ringke, who is claiming that this is what the new Nexus 5 (2015) (or Nexus 5x or 2nd gen, or whatever the hell the internet is calling it) will look like. They aren’t even holding back either.

The renders inside these cases look like previous leaks, with cameras, flashes, and fingerprint sensors all in specific spots we have seen before. We have USB Type-C ports and nipple humps and buttons in all the right places. We have dual front-facing stereo speakers too! Looking good, renders!  (more…)

DEAL: 60% Off SanDisk Storage – 200GB SD Card for $149, 32GB for $11

Amazon’s deal of the day happens to be another massive discount on SanDisk storage products. We’re talking up to 60% off on everything from microSD cards to thumb and flash drives to solid state hard drives. These happen every so often, but they are always worth a look. Whether you have a new phone that needs additional storage or are building a computer and need a new-school hard drive, these deals offer great values.

Our favorite deals of the bunch are the deeply discounted 200GB microSD card for $149, 32GB class 10 microSD card for $10.99 (!!!), and the 960GB solid state drive for $255.

These deals are only good for today.

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DEAL: Nexus 6 Drops to $349 at Amazon ($150 Off)

What’s a good sign that Google (or any company for that matter) is about to unveil a new product? We see massive discounts on last year’s product in order to make room for the new guy. That could be happening at the moment with the Nexus 6, which just dropped $150 in price at Amazon to $349. Seriously, the Nexus 6, a whale of a phone that started at almost $700 a year ago, can be bought for $349.

Amazon has both white and blue in both 32GB and 64GB configurations available. The 32GB model is at the $349 price point, while the 64GB model has dropped as well, down to $399. That’s a hell of a price!

For those still scared of its size, I’ll just say this – the people who own the Nexus 6, love the damn thing. It’s one of those phones with a cult following, where those who took a chance on a 6-inch phone have found that they absolutely love the size. And hey, it’s stock Android after all.

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Deal: 128GB SanDisk MicroSD Cards are Just $59

Still own a phone that has a microSD card slot and are in need of some storage? You might want to consider the deal running over at Amazon for the next few days that features a SanDisk 128GB microSD card for just $59.99. These cards typically retail for around $100, so you are looking at a solid 40% discount.

The card comes with an adapter, 48MB/s read speeds, and Prime shipping, for those who are members.

The deal is live until August 29.

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